Tips to Having Healthy Colored Hair

Getting your hair colored is one way of pampering yourself and achieving the look that you want. If you are like most women, you probably look forward to your hair salon appointment to get your hair done and walk out after a few hours feeling more confident and looking more beautiful.

But, you have to ensure that you only trust the best salons when it comes to hair styling and coloring. If you live in key cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, or San Diego, you are lucky because there is probably a Carlton Hair near you. This established and famous hair salon is trusted by many because they always desire to achieve excellence in everything that they do, and that includes giving you the hair that you want.

However, if there is one drawback of constantly having your hair colored, that would be hair damage. Although hair salons also offer different kinds of hair treatment to ensure that you have healthy tresses, you may not always have the time and the budget to avail of such treatments.

There is no need to fret though. You can still achieve beautiful and healthy hair even at home by doing the following tips that were given by hair experts.

Tip #1

Wash your hair less frequently. According to a hair stylist and colorist in Chicago, cutting back on washing is actually one of the best things that you can do for your hair. That is because the more often you wash it, the more often you have to style it using various hair products and tools that use heat for styling. As a result, there is also a bigger chance of damaging it, plus the color will fade faster.

If you have been used to washing your hair on a daily basis, you can start off with a day in between and once you get used to it, then you can transition to washing your hair only twice or thrice weekly.

Tip #2

Make it a habit to use dry shampoo. Since you will be cutting back on washing your hair, using a dry shampoo is a style saver as it can work wonders. Just make sure that you put a little more thought and consideration into how you will use it.

If you have not tried using a dry shampoo yet, you can start by dividing your hair into one inch sections. Then, hold the dry shampoo bottle six inches away from your head and target the roots when you spray. Allow it to dry at least for a minute, then brush your roots to evenly distribute the product. Afterwards, brush through the rest of your hair. This process ensures that all the oil and grime are absorbed by the dry shampoo without leaving a residue in your hair.

Tip #3

Use a sulfate-free and paraben-free shampoo.

During the days that you wash your hair, use products that are free of sulphates or harsh detergents, as they can strip the color away from your hair faster. Additionally, avoid shampoos with parabens as they build up on the hair shaft and make the hair look dull and lifeless. They also prevent hydrating and nourishing ingredients from penetrating and getting into the hair cuticles.

Tip #4

Use a toning shampoo.

Toning shampoos and conditioners can keep your hair looking like you just walked out from your hair coloring appointment. They are made for different hair colors and work to neutralize, tone, and balance the color of your strands.

Tip #5

Know how to brush your hair properly.

If you take time to observe how your hair stylist brushes your hair, you would notice that the stroke does not usually start at the top. That is because when you brush your hair from the scalp down, you are just pushing tangles into creating more tangles. The best way is to start brushing at the ends and then gradually move your way up. Also, use a wide-tooth comb instead of a brush if your hair is wet to prevent unnecessary damage.

Tip #6

Use a mask or deep conditioner at least once a week.

They are usually loaded with ingredients that hydrate and strengthen the hair that is why they can improve the look and feel of your hair even after one use. When applying, start from the mid-shaft to ends and leave it on for at least ten minutes. If you can leave it longer, covered in a plastic shower cap, that would even yield better results.

Tip #7

Protect your hair from too much heat.

Using blow dryer or hair strengthening iron contributes to damaging your hair and losing the color, especially when used on a regular basis. If really needed, use a heat protectant every time you use these hot tools.

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