Things to Consider Before Getting a Perm

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Now that finding a great salon is no longer a problem, you just need to focus on what service you want to get for your hair. If you are seriously considering getting a perm to have the curls that you have been wanting for quite a while, you need to think about it many times because getting a perm is a serious commitment.

What is a Perm?

A perm, which is short for permanent wave, is a hair procedure that uses chemicals to add loose waves or curls to the hair. The harsh chemicals cause permanent change in your hair that is why the procedure can weaken and completely damage your hair, especially when done frequently.

Do not get me wrong. Having curly hair is really nice, but it can be both nice and tough. Curly and bouncy hair can give you great looks and can allow you to wear your hair in many different hair styles. It is very versatile because you can braid your hair, tie it up in a ponytail, or make a top knot while also using several accessories such as headbands, clips, wraps, scarves, and beanies.

However, caring for curly hair can be tough too. You have to stock up on specially made hair products for curly hair and use different ones depending on the weather. You always have to detangle using your fingers or wide-toothed comb to make sure that you will not damage your curls. You have to keep your hair moisturized unless you want your hair to look severely dry and damaged.

Aside from these things, there are also other factors that you need to consider before getting a perm and below are some of them:

  1. You need to have healthy hair for the perm to work and for the curls to come out pretty. Professional stylists would not recommend that you get a perm if your hair is too damaged. That is why if your hair is extremely dry or has been recently treated or colored, skip the perm first. Instead, work on making your hair healthy and in great condition again by giving it nourishing and conditioning treatments regularly.
  2. If you have short hair or has a layered cut, you are also not a good candidate for perm. Perms do not work well on short hair and layered hair because it might only look awkward. Make sure that you grow your hair first and you have the appropriate length, with a little to spare in case it needs to be cut for better results.
  3. If you are already a hundred percent sure that you are getting a perm, do not color your hair for at least a month prior.And once you are done with the perm, also make sure that you do not color for at least another month after. Coloring your hair can weaken your hair strands and cause severe damage.
  4. Curly hair requires products designed to be used for waves and curls so you may need to let go of hair products that you have been used to. There are shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays, creams, and others which are specific and essential in making sure that perm stays intact and is not ruined. If you are not willing to change hair products and buy new ones, then you might want to reconsider getting a perm.
  5. When you get curly hair, you may need to do things that you do not usually do with your straight hair. For instance, you may need to get a trim every three months so that your curls do not lose their bounce. If you are an avid swimmer, you will need to wear a swim cap and avoid chlorinated water to protect your locks.

Talking to friends who have already experienced getting permed can help you get more information. Better yet, talk to the professional hair stylists at a salon so that they can provide helpful information about getting a perm done. They will also be able to advise what will work for your hair type and current condition.

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