Shampoo Bars: Are They Worth the Hype?

Spend enough time on the internet and you’re sure to come across something that will tell you about the serious plastic waste product the planet is facing right now. No matter how many of our politicians deny it, there’s an overwhelming amount of proof that plastic trash is polluting different bodies of water all around the globe. In fact, just recently, experts discovered that our garbage has already reached the deepest parts of the ocean.

The level of pollution we’re facing right now is a real travesty. However, instead of blaming each other for the negligence and carelessness of our own consumption, more and more people are just taking small steps to prevent things from worsening.

Minimizing the amount of waste one produces is a trend that’s gaining a lot of traction lately. As it turns out, there are lots of simple steps that you can take to limit the waste you send to landfills on a daily basis. Using metal or wooden straws tends to be the most popular method lately but more and more people are also turning to zero-waste beauty products as well.

This is where shampoo bars come in. By opting for solid haircare products, you can eliminate the need for a plastic bottle that will contain your shampoo and conditioner. As these items are often packaged in paper, you don’t have to worry about their packaging as they’re biodegradable.

A few years back, finding shampoo bars will be a difficult task. They’re only really mostly used for pets as they’re more convenient and practical options. Nowadays, however, more and more options have become available and easily accessible. So much so that a quick search on your favorite e-commerce website will surely give you enough choices to experience some option paralysis.

But are shampoo bars good for your hair or are they just all hype? This is a vital question to ask as you also need to take good care of your hair. It’s important that you find a good balance between your health and your green efforts if you want to be satisfied with the results.

Are Shampoo Bars Good for Your Hair?

To answer this question properly, you should keep in mind that not all liquid shampoos are good for your hair as well. As different people have various hair types and conditions, there’s no one shampoo that will be the best pick for everyone. It all depends on your own locks whether it’s a solid pick for you or not.

Shampoo bars, like other shampoo products, are formulated in various ways. They use different ingredients, so there are some that will work wonders on your locks while others might strip it. So if you want one that will work well for you, it’s best to know the condition and type of your tresses so you can choose the right variety.

For example, some shampoo bars are made for dry hair. They’re often infused with oils and other heavily moisturizing ingredients that can prove to be too much for those with oily hair. So if your locks tend to get greasy right away, it will not be ideal for you to use such. If you have dry hair, though, these might be moisturizing enough for your parched tresses.

Some shampoo bars, like regular shampoo, also contain sulfates. They’re not necessarily great for most hair types as they can strip the natural oils on your locks. They’re also not suitable for those with colored locks, so it might be wise to just avoid them entirely as they might not bring good things for your strands.

With these, it can be said that shampoo bars are pretty much just like regular shampoo. They can be good or bad for your locks, depending on the variant you get. This is why it’s essential that you look for the right product for you.

How to Choose the Right Shampoo Bar for You

How do you choose the best shampoo bar? Here are some of our tips:

Get to know your hair better.

Is your hair dry or oily? Or maybe it’s your scalp that’s problematic? It’s important to get to know the condition of your locks before you start shopping for a hair care product as such information will let you know which one will suit your needs best. Once you figure out what your hair is like, you’ll know what to look up in order to find the right ingredients and products for your tresses.

How to know more about your hair? Aside from doing your own research, you can also turn to the pros. The expert stylists at the JCPenney Salon, Famous Hair, or Ulta Salon will be more than happy to give you the lowdown on your tresses.

Research on the different ingredients used for shampoo bars.

It’s not enough that you just know a lot about your hair. You should also know about the ingredients that are commonly used in shampoo bars. This way, you can easily find the perfect match for your locks.

Go sulfate-free.

In our opinion, going sulfate-free would be the best move for your hair. It will help you avoid stripping your locks of natural oils so you won’t dry out your already dry tresses. However, not all shampoo bars are sulfate-free, so make sure to check the ingredients list of the item you’re eyeing before making a purchase.

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