How to Get Fuller Hair Fast

Marilyn Monroe’s got it. Kim Kardashan’s got it too. There is something about full hair that’s got the “it” factor.

Full hair makes you slimmer than how you really are. It makes your face look smaller, sweeter and sexier. And most of all, full hair gives you that fresh from the salon look.

There’s no reason for anyone to deny themselves of the aesthetic benefits of a full hairstyle. All it takes is a little creativity and most of the times, a simple request from your hairstylist. Here are some tips on how you can make your hair look fuller.

1. Switch the location of your part

If you have been parting your hair at the same spot for so many years, it is but natural for your hair to fall straight. As you hair grows longer and heavier, the flatter it would set on your head.

One way to create height and fullness is to change the part of your hair. If your hair is used to flowing towards your left and you suddenly comb it to the right, that part of your hair from the roots will try to resist the new direction and will stick up creating thickness and fullness.

2. Blow-dry with curlers

Get Fuller Hair - Blow dry with curlersAny amount of wave will create fullness because the hair strand will flow away from your scalp. If you were born with straight hair and you want to put a temporary wave you can put on curlers after you shower.

You can do pretty much anything with your hair when it’s wet. If you roll strands around a curler and dry them with the blow dryer, they will have a wave when they dry.

3. Blow-dry from the nape up

If putting curlers on is too tedious, there is another way of creating fullness using the blow-dryer and that is by blow-drying from the nape up.

Start by combing your hair from your nape up and over you face and start blow-drying the hair roots on your nape. When you are done with the first layer, comb down and blow-dry the next layer.

Apply the same technique in blow-drying the hair on your sides. Comb up from the top of your ear up and over to the other side and blow-dry by layers. Do the same thing on the other side.

4. Eat Protein

Eating protein is not only for muscle building. Protein builds up keratin which makes your hair strong, long and healthy.

5. Eat Bananas

Get Fuller Hair - Eat more bananasYour hair thins with age as silica levels, the mineral which thickens the hair, goes down. To increase silica levels eat a lot of bananas and radishes.

6. Healthy Scalp

Hair grows from your scalp and so it is important to keep your scalp healthy.

Doing regular exercise improves circulation and distribution of nutrients throughout your body including your scalp. This will also stimulate the release of natural oils from your scalp that will keep your hair thick and healthy.

7. Sort of a Bob Cut

Even if your hair has a wave but if they are limp, length will work against you.

Long hair strands are heavy hair strands and will pull hard from the roots. The quickest natural fix is to cut them a bit short, a bob cut but with the tip extending to the collar bone. In a bob cut, the hair will bulk on the sides which will create thickness.

8. Thin Highlights

One of the best ways to add dimension to your hair is to apply proper highlights.

If you have naturally thin hair, applying highlights of half an inch to an inch will give your hair more visual thickness. You can go to any reputable salon and they can easily apply this on your hair. They are in the best position to recommend and apply the best highlighting style and technique that will be most suitable for your hair.

9. Shadowing

Shadowing is a hair coloring technique where the bottom layer of your hair is colored slightly darker than the rest creating the illusion of depth and thickness.

10. Hairstyling

The simplest and fastest way to create hair fullness is to go to a salon and inquire about what’s best for your hair and look.

A hairstyle and haircare professional from Regis Salon can best tell you your options for a thicker fuller hair. There’s nothing like a professional hairdresser with years of experience and updated knowledge on hair trends advising you what’s best.

Do you need shadowing, highlighting, texturing or a particular cut/style? There’s no need to experiment. Trust a hair professional.

Did Marilyn Monroe and Kim Kardashan do it on their own?… probably not. Just like all Hollywood stars, they had professionals working on their hair to make them full and perfect on the screen and on print.

No matter which way you decide, in a salon or on your own, there’s an easy fix for sexy healthy full flowing hair.

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