Is It Normal for Men to Get a Brazilian Wax?

Is It Normal for Men to Get a Brazilian Wax?

Contrary to what many people think, a lot of men nowadays have jumped on the waxing trend. If you’re a guy, and you feel uncomfortable about the idea of waxing, you might want to consider that it’s really not that bad. In fact, waxing is the more efficient option since hair is removed from the roots which means you won’t have to do it frequently. 

Getting a wax makes your skin smoother. Plus, it also helps with grooming. Here are the most common areas of the body that a lot of men prefer getting waxed.

Back and Shoulders

Men often have to deal with hairy backs and some aren’t happy with the patches of hair scattered in this particular area of the body.


While not all guys have hairy chest, some do have very thick hair in this area which is why they prefer to have it waxed regularly. Waxing (if done often enough) will also help slow down hair growth and will even result in thinner hair.


You might be surprised to know that lots of guys regularly get their legs waxed. Maybe not as often or as widespread as women but a good number of them do.


You’ve probably seen it on TikTok – men getting facial wax in salons like Brazilian Wax by Andreia. It has become so common and for good reason too. Having well-shaped brows and beards always look good on men.

Down There

Bikini wax is very common among women especially during the summer when we’re always spending time at the beach. The idea of waxing down there can be intimidating and even unheard of for men. But if women can do it, there’s no reason for guys not to, right? So yes, it’s very normal for guys to get a Brazilian. It’s not so common, but many have tried it.

Thoughts About Brazilian Wax for Men

So there’s a regular bikini wax and then there’s Brazilian wax. If you’re planning to get a Brazilian or are simply curious about it, good for you. The thought might seem intimidating but it’s really no different than what women undergo when they go to a waxing salon.

Body hair grooming has become a normal part of men’s grooming routine. Salons get male clients all the time. But of course, a Brazilian is pretty special which is why we’ve dedicated a section in this article just for it.  

What It Covers

The amount of coverage you can get when you go for a Brazilian depends on you. The standard is leaving a bit of hair above the shaft area but if you want, full hair removal in this area can be done as well.

Now, you might be tempted to do this on your own. But let me just warn you that even women don’t attempt to do so. It’s just, well, too risky. It’s always better to get a Brazilian at a salon that specializes in waxing as it’s a sensitive area and should only be performed by a technician who has the skills and know-how. Besides, spending $50 – $80 on a method that only needs to be done every 6-7 weeks shouldn’t be that prohibitive.

Before you schedule an appointment, here are some things you should know about men’s Brazilian waxing procedures:

1. You’ll need at least a quarter of an inch of hair for the wax to work. If it’s shorter than this, grow it out first.

2. There’ll be a bit of touching in your “private” parts. Don’t worry, they’re quite used to it. But just make sure you clean yourself before going to the salon.

3. They may ask you to choose between soft and hard wax. Go for hard wax as it’s gentler on sensitive skin.

4. It’s going to hurt. But it’s not so bad, really. Try to take a pain reliever an hour before your appointment.

5. Don’t wear tight clothing after your waxing session. It’s also important that you don’t do any activity that will cause you to sweat for at least 24 hours such as exercising or playing sports.

Here’s a video showing how a man’s chest is waxed:

How to Wax Men’s Chest

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