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Night vs. Morning: When Should You Wash Your Locks?

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Those who are serious about their hair health knows that washing their locks daily isn’t the best thing to do. This is why most folks put more thought into how often should they wash their hair and not about exactly when they should do it.

Most people think that the frequency of their washes matters more than when they actually do it. This gives them even more freedom in their routines as they’re not always tied to a rigorous washing schedule.

But did you know that some experts actually have their own preferences when it comes to washing your hair?

According to some professional hairstylists, it’s always best to wash your tresses at night. Why? Here are a few compelling reasons to include washing your hair in your night showers:

1. Washing your hair at night will give it time to dry naturally.

Exposing your hair to heat isn’t exactly the best way to keep it in top shape. This is why, no matter how great blowouts look, they should be done in moderation and with a lot of heat protection.

If you want to keep heat styling at a minimum, washing your hair at night is ideal. As you have the whole evening to let your locks air dry, you don’t have to use high heat to get the dampness out of your hair.

This doesn’t mean that you should sleep with wet hair, though. Wet tresses are more fragile and prone to breakage. So if you sleep without drying your locks, there’s a good chance that a slight tug or pull can break your locks.

If you’re strapped for time, use a blower in the lowest heat setting to dry it out before hitting the sack. This will ensure that your hair won’t get damaged if you wash it at night.

2. You won’t have to wake up early in the morning just so you have time to wash, dry, and style your tresses.

This is more for your convenience than your hair health but it can still be a very good reason to wash your hair at night. If you already did everything the night before, you won’t have to get out of bed extra early to get ready for your day. Even if you’re not too big on whipping up a hairdo on a daily basis, night showers can still free up half an hour or more of your time in the morning.

Washing your locks in the evening will also help you prevent delaying your washes altogether. Sometimes when you’re just too lazy to get out of bed, you might be tempted to push your wash to the next day and just use more dry shampoo instead.

This can’t be good for your locks as it will be more weighed down by the dirt, oil, and product piled on your scalp. It might even clog or irritate your follicles which can then affect your overall hair health as a result.

So by getting the task done in the evening, you’re saving yourself from a lot of hassle that you will still have to face in the morning.

3. You can sleep more comfortably with squeaky clean locks.

Freshly washed locks can easily make you feel more comfortable which is a must if you want a good night’s sleep. Your scalp won’t feel weighed down and itchy, especially if you’re due for a wash already. This means that you can sleep more easily and without any interruptions because there shouldn’t be anything to bother you.

4. You can style your hair before you go to bed which can be a nice way to get some luscious locks in the morning.

Another convenient reason why you should wash your hair at night is that you can easily style your locks before you go to bed if it’s squeaky clean. Some folks get great results by braiding their slightly damp locks the night before, so you might want to give that a try.

Top knots done with clean and wet hair also result in gorgeous curls, so you can give this a go, too. Those with naturally curly hair also get to avoid getting frizzy locks if they air dry their locks overnight.

The only downside to washing your hair at night? You won’t be able to do an overnight hair mask. It’s fine, though, since Pantene and lots of other brands have 3-minute masks that work wonders. If you want a more thorough deep conditioning process, though, postponing your wash to the next morning is still a good option.

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