How to Keep Your Nails Strong and Healthy

Maintaining healthy nails does not have to be costly. Sure you can treat yourself to Dashing Diva every week if you can afford it. But it’s not really necessary. You can have a nail care plan that is easy, simple and inexpensive.

You can enjoy nail polish.

Contrary to what a lot of people think, wearing nail polish is not harmful to your nails so as long as you give your nails a break every few weeks or so. Just be sure to choose nail polish remover that does not contain acetone.

Keep your cuticles moisturized.

Your cuticles are like protective caulking that you put in your bathroom. If you push them or cut them back too far, you damage them which can put your nails at risk of infection. Your regular nail care routine should include moisturizing your cuticles and not trimming them. If you notice signs of infection, like swelling, redness, pain, or pus.

Trim your nails.

Having natural-looking, shorter nails will never run out of style. Trimming nails regularly keeps them healthy and helps to avoid breaking or snagging. Use a nail file to smoothen out the nails’ edges.

Use a nail brush to clean your nails.

Avoid using pointy things to clean around and under your nails and instead just gently use a nail brush.

Wear gloves when washing dishes.

Frequently immersing your hands in soapy water can weaken your nails which is why it’s recommended that you wear gloves when you wash dishes.

Skip the acrylics.

They look nice, sure. But nail acrylics can also damage your nails and even lead to infection. Stick to regular manicures and don’t forget to let your nails breathe every once in a while.

Take vitamins if needed.

Most women don’t really need to take supplements for their nails but if you have very weak nails you can take biotin supplements.

The Importance of Nail Care

We use our hands every day. Our hands – particularly the nails – are one of the first things people notice when they look at us. Give your nails the TLC they deserve so you can be more confident about your appearance.

The thing is, everything we do with our hands exposes us to germs and bacteria. Every time you open your mail or a can of veggies, you put your nails at risk of injury or infection. When you are in your yard to maintain your plants, bacteria could get into your nail beds. Your nails protect your hands, by giving it a strong shield and barrier to keep out environmental pollutants.

Proper nail care ensures that your nails remain healthy and strong so they can do their job. Keeping your cuticles moisturized help preserve the natural barrier it offers. Trimmed, well-cared for nails mean that you care about your appearance, but more importantly, your health.

Well maintained and clean nails not only look beautiful but also mirrors your personality. Since your nails are constantly growing, it’s easy to neglect them. Proper nail care is a must as this tells others whether or not a person is hygienic.

To keep your nails healthy, clean and maintained, follow the tips we have outlined here and also schedule an appointment with a nail technician at least once a month.

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