How Often Should You Get a Massage?

If money was no object, we would likely enjoy a full body massage at Massage Heights at least once a week, perhaps more. Of course, we have different needs and wants when it comes to massage so the number of sessions per week will be different. 

But still, it’s worth asking: How often should you get a massage? There’s no single answer since the answer will be specific to your unique conditions, from your physical and mental needs to your stress levels and financial capacity. You may choose a once-a-week session or a once-a-month session because it’s the only time or money you have for the purpose.  

But when deciding on the frequency of your massage sessions, you should keep in mind that the benefits of massage can best be enjoyed over time. With several sessions in a year, your mind and body will be more relaxed, as well as healthier since massage improves both lymphatic and blood circulation, aids in effective pain management, and promotes better sleep quality.  

With that said, let’s take a look at two of the factors that will affect the frequency of your massage sessions – your budget and your actual need for massage.  

How Much Can You Afford?  

Many people think that regular massage sessions are only for people with cash to spare. Fortunately, this isn’t so as a massage can be enjoyed for a relatively affordable amount! The trick is in looking at the right places. 

Take, for example, the 1,100-strong Massage Envy Spa franchise with locations across the contiguous United States. The chain is known for its affordable monthly massage service – yes, it’s relatively no-frills but the results are the same. You don’t have to pay for an arm and a leg to have your entire body massaged here. 

You may also be able to find low-cost massage centers, usually where clients and massage therapists are separated by curtains only, not to mention that the amenities and ambiance aren’t anything to write home about to your friends. You will have a better experience for a few dollars more at Massage Envy and Massage Heights locations.  

But if you have more money, then you can try the full spa experience at fancier places like JC Penney. You will love the whole nine yards – fluffy robes, hot showers, steam and sauna, and then massage rooms with luxurious amenities. You will shell out hundreds of dollars, sure, but the luxurious experience will be worth it; besides, it may be a once-a-year treat so go for it.  

How Much Do You Need?

Your need for massage sessions will change based on several factors so you will want to consider these changes, too. You may, for example, feel great with a once-a-week massage since it eliminates the buildup of knots and kinks after a week on the job. You schedule a weekend massage session on a regular basis for this purpose. 

But you may also want an in-between massage session because of the extra stressful workload you’ve been handling lately. You will want to book a massage as soon as possible to get rid of the sudden muscle spasms caused by the extra stress, preferably with a massage therapist you’ve worked with before. The better your massage therapist knows your body’s pressure points, sensitive areas and muscle stress, the better your massage session will turn out.  

The bottom line: Get a massage when you want to feel relaxed and when you can afford it. 

Again, keep in mind that the benefits of massage can be fully enjoyed over time. You may get a massage, say, once a year only for whatever reason, but remember that it can’t undo several years of muscle stress and tension. You will also be likely disappointed that you’re not as relaxed as you expected – the massage therapist can only do so much to unlock the buildup of tension in your body in a single session.  

We recommend a once-a-week or twice-a-week massage sessions for keeping your muscles in good shape – pliable, relaxed and healthy.  The once-a-week session is recommended for maintenance purposes while the twice-a-week sessions are great for addressing chronic pain and special issues.  

But if you’ve been having massages for a few months and you’re already feeling good about your body, you can scale it down to just once a month. If you’re really into massage, a twice-a-month plan is also a great idea. 

Don’t go for a month without a massage, however. Waiting too long can mean your muscles revert to their old patterns – the kinks and knots come back in old places, especially when you’ve been under stress or you’ve placed your muscles under stress. Your massage therapist will have to start over to restore your muscles’ pliant and supple quality, and that will mean more work, too.  

Just go for a massage instead of trying to save money. Think of it as an investment in your health and it is, in more ways than one!

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