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What Are the Most Popular Spa Treatments That Are Worth Trying This Year?

People go to popular spas like Element Massage and Planet Beach to unwind and maybe just to check if they have a new service to offer.

You might want to ask if the spa near you has any of the latest spa attractions from this list.

Bamboo Massage

The bamboo is associated with

longevity, luck and strength so one can’t help but feel this spa treatment can be a meaningful spiritual experience. 

It’s fun too because you will feel your body getting rolled out like a sugar cookie with a Bamboo rolling pin-esque Massage. 

This is done by having the massage therapist knead, glide and roll a Bamboo reed along your shoulders, back and legs to pamper and penetrate your tense muscles.

” Bamboo-ing” or Bamboo Massage promotes blood circulation, improves sensory nerve perception, and does lymphatic drainage. 


Shirodhara, which dates back to India circa 5000 years ago is done by

drizzling warm sesame oil onto one’s forehead. This is known to be extremely therapeutic and is now being incorporated into every spa services list. It is sometimes packaged as an add-on to Western treatments like body wraps and Swedish Massages.

This ritualistic oil spill brings physical and emotional balance and as a bonus, it gives your hair an extreme conditioning. 

Shirodhara’s benefits include calming the nerves, releasing stored emotions, purifying the mind, and fighting fatigue, anxiety, insomnia and headaches.

Shellac Manicures

Spa-goers are going crazy over Shellac UV Manicures because they get a long lasting, no-mess result. 

It’s made of gels combined with regular manicure and it gives a hard lustrous finish, zero dry-time and a 14-day no chipping, no smudging, and no denting guarantee.

Spas are claiming they rake in profits lately because a lot of people are asking for this.

Cupping and Gua Sha

The ancient Chinese healing therapies – cupping and Gua Sha

can take away pain and soreness of the body.

Cupping works by using suction on the skin’s surface to extract stagnant blood from deep beneath the surface.

Gua Sha “scrapes” the skin to help mobilize blood flow. 

Both therapies can provide pain and tension relief, especially on the lower back. 

These therapies can cause mild bruising but customers are very vocal about how they have greatly benefited from these.


Acupressure is somehow similar to acupuncture which has been one of the oldest healing method

The only difference is rather than needles, it uses physical pressure of hands, elbows and other devices. 

Therapists are targeting specific points along the body’s “meridians,” or energy pathways.

This is done to encourage healing and balance in the individual.

Its benefits include – relief from allergies, chronic arthritis pain and migraines.

People who are suffering from chronic pain can greatly benefit from this ancient Chinese medicine without having to deal with any fear of needles.

Boozing Spa

Spas have started incorporating alcohol into their treatment offerings.

Champagne and wine-infused treatments are said to smooth skin tissue, stimulate blood flow and are a powerful ingredient in anti-aging. 

Beer yeast increases skin elasticity and improves acne by suppressing sebum It is rich in elements that aid with those functions.

Scotch Whiskey is full of sugars, minerals and vitamin B6. 

It has excellent hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties.

Mobile Spa

Mobile Spas are popular among small family gatherings and big corporate events. 

People are usually so busy that they really can’t squeeze going to the spa from their daily schedule. 

It’s a good thing that when they can’t go to a spa, the mobile spa will be happy to go wherever they are as of the moment.

Self care is now achievable.

Water Spa

Funny even if the word “spa” means “water”, people have only been employing water-based treatment just now.

The Jacuzzi used to be the only well-known type of “hydro-therapy,” 

Lately, aqua treatments like Hammam Rituals, Vichy Showers and Watsu are becoming very popular.

Each of these water treatments are using hydro-thermal therapy to

  • relax tight and sore muscles  
  • promote smooth and cleansed skin
  • stimulate blood circulation

Hammam Rituals combine heat, aromatherapy, steam, bubbles, water and mud to cleanse the skin and detoxify the body. 

Vichy Shower is unique in a way that it invigorates your body while laying flat under powerful water jets, 

This is inspired by treatments used in the French city, Vichy. 

Watsu or water Shiatsu, is a massage performed in a warm, shallow pool. The water gently cradles the customer while the massage therapist works the full 360 degrees of his body.

Green Spas

Among all these spa services, “Green” spas and treatments are currently the most popular in the scene

Spa owners are now incorporating renewable energy, holistic and eco-friendly services and indigenous ingredients into their businesses because it is the right thing to do.

Who can be fully healthy if the planet we live in is failing? This is why the rise of green establishments have been helping a lot of people lately.

Spa-goers are now considering a spa’s environmental philosophy before they employ their service.

They want to make sure spas are promoting conservation by only using organic linens, biodegradable aesthetic gauze and eco-friendly cleaning supplies to keep each guest assured that they are somehow helping the environment and at the same time not using harmful chemicals to give temporary relaxation but future health hazards.

Green is the route that everyone must take for a guilt free self care experience.

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