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Have You Been Doing Enough to Protect Your Hair?

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Most of us are well aware that dust, pollution, UV rays, and all the chemicals in the products you use are some of the most damaging things to our skin. Those who actually care enough about their skin actually take measures to protect it. They can be very particular about the products they use and always make sure to use sunscreen.

But did you know that all of these and more can also hurt your hair? If you’ll think about it, your locks also get exposed to these things as much as your skin does. And there’s a good chance that you haven’t been taking enough measures to protect your hair as much as you do with your skin.

Why Your Locks Need Protection

Why exactly should you try to protect your locks? Here are a few reasons that might just convince you to do something about your hair:

Your scalp can also get sunburnt.

This might come as a surprise for some but it’s a fact that if you stay for far too long under the sun, you can also experience sunburns on your scalp. Sometimes, your hair won’t provide enough covering to your scalp if you’ve stayed out for extended periods. And since your scalp still has skin on it, it’s still very prone to getting burned.

Too much heat can boil your strands.

There’s a good reason why you should never use heat on your wet hair and it’s because it can basically boil your hair strand. The water on your hair exposed to high temperatures practically cook them which can turn them crispy, brittle and wiry.

Aside from using heat styling tools, exposing your wet hair to the sun can also have similar results. This is particularly true during the warmer months and in hotter climates.

Your hair can also get some UV damage through excessive sun exposure. This can result in color changes in your locks, protein loss, and weakening of the hair strands.

Air pollution can hurt your hair and scalp.

If you live in a big city, there’s also a good chance that air pollution is hurting your locks. The soot, dirt, grime, and other gaseous pollutants can accumulate on your scalp and locks. This can result in hair damage and irritation.

These things could be the very reasons why your hair is dull and in bad shape even if you try hard to make it shiny and healthy. Exposure to harmful elements could be taking a toll on your hair and you’re just not aware of it. By recognizing the need for hair protection, you can certainly improve your hair.

How to Protect Your Hair

Want to reverse the damage your hair has already received from being unprotected all these years? Here are a few tricks that you can do to shield your hair from further environmental damage.

Use SPF on your tresses.

As mentioned above, the sun can do a lot of damage to your hair just like it does on your skin. So if you can’t step out of the house without putting sunscreen on your face and body, it’s best to add your hair to the list as well.

There are quite a number of products that provide sun protection for your tresses so you can definitely wear some when you’re going to be out in the sun for long periods. A lot of them come in spray form but you can also find hair masks and moisturizers with SPF.

Wear a hat.

Covering your hair is also a great way to protect your locks and scalp from sun damage. The best part about this technique is that there are tons of cute hats that you can go for. They also won’t just protect your hair from damage but can also take your style to the next level.

Don’t expose wet hair to the sun.

Exposing your hair to high heat and the sun can already be damaging enough but if you do this while your locks are wet, things can get worse. As mentioned above, wet hair and high temperatures can practically boil your locks, so you have to avoid this at all costs.

Use a heat protectant when heat styling your locks.

Heat styling may be the best way to tame your locks but it can also hurt your tresses. To minimize the damage that the heat can cause to your hair, experts recommend using heat protectants. These products provide an additional barrier on your hair strands, preventing the heat from toasting them to a crisp.

Moisturize your hair and wear a swimming cap when taking a dip in a pool.

Chlorine is another element that could damage your hair severely. So if you like to take a dip in a chlorinated pool quite often, you’ll need to protect your hair from this harsh chemical.

Experts recommend wearing a swimming cap to keep your hair from getting soaked from the chlorinated water. You can also apply conditioner to wet hair before taking the plunge. This can provide a protective barrier to your hair strands so chlorine won’t get into your hair shaft.

Get some professional treatment to restore your locks’ moisture.

Regular treatments from your favorite salons can also help restore your hair’s good health. BoRics and Ulta Salon offer interesting hair treatments that can deeply condition and boost your locks’ health. Give them a try and you might just find the best way to protect your hair from environmental damage.

Ample Protection for a Healthy Head of Hair

If you’ll think about it, there are lots of things that you can do about your hair damage. Protecting it is one of the best ways to prevent this issue, so it’s best to give these tips a shot. You might even end up surprised at how these simple tricks can change your locks for the better.

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