Hair Care Tips for Athletic and Active Individuals

Staying active is a great thing to do if you want to be fit and in top shape. However, all of the sweating and exposure to certain elements can take a toll on your locks. All of that hair washing to feel squeaky clean after a gym session, run, or a few laps on the pool can strip your locks of its natural oils, leaving them dry, brittle, and prone to damage. 

If you think that you’d just have to live with damaged hair to stay active, you’re wrong. You can take a lot of steps to keep your locks luscious no matter how active you are. Lots of athletes get to do this, so why can’t you?

To help you keep your tresses as healthy as the rest of your body while living an active life, here are a few tips that you should remember:

Don’t wash your hair every day, rinse it with conditioner instead.

Let’s start with the most controversial topic first: hair washing. Hair experts recommend against washing your locks every day as a general rule because the deed can be very drying to your strands. 

Shampoos are designed to wash off oil, sweat, and other debris from your locks while having your hair wet a lot of times leave it weak and vulnerable to damage. It will also prompt the frequent use of heat to dry the strands and that’s definitely not good.

If you exercise daily, experts recommend the use of dry shampoo or co-washing instead of shampooing your locks every after workout. Dry shampoo will help absorb the sweat and moisture from your locks and neutralize possible odors. It also helps make your tresses easier to style.

“Co-washing” or conditioner washing will help you remove the sweat from your locks and refresh the scalp after a workout without stripping your hair of moisture. Scrub the conditioner on your scalp and then apply some to the entire length of your hair to clean and store some moisture in it.

Use a scalp treatment product.

A good scalp exfoliating or treating product will help you keep your scalp feeling cleaner and fresher even while you’re in between washes. In fact, it may be better than washing regularly as they’re usually made of ingredients that are meant to treat the issue of your scalp. Use them once a week and you don’t have to worry about itchy scalp. 

Use a scrunchie or non-marking hair ties if you have long hair.

Most folks put their long tresses up when working out or just in general when they don’t want it flowing and in their face. However, tight elastics can be damaging to your strands as they can put a lot of strain and pressure in it. Using scrunchies and non-marking hair ties help as they’re softer against the hair strands and effectively distributes the pressure at a wider amount of space.

Just don’t forget to wash them, too, when they get sweaty so you can be sure that they won’t make your hair gross.

Focus on restoring moisture to your strands if you intend to wash them very often.

If you don’t want to not wash your hair very often, you can also take additional measures to restore moisture and hydration to your strands on the regular. Some athletes do this by leaving oils or deep conditioning their hair once a week. 

Use a protective product before you swim or go out in the sun.

If your activities will expose you to UV rays or harsh chemicals, using a protective hair product is ideal. There are special products that you can use to seal in moisture into your strands before swimming in a pool. There are also hair sunscreens that will help you keep sun damage at bay.

Don’t use high heat when drying your hair.

Drying your hair properly is essential if you want it in top shape. Air drying has its pros but if you have frizzy locks, it’s not recommended. If you need a little help in drying your locks quickly after washing it, it’s best to use a hair blower but not in high heat to get your desired results. Heat on fragile wet hair can be damaging, so it’s best to not subject your tresses to such conditions.

Work with a reliable hair professional.

Last but not least, work with a hair professional who understands your hair’s needs. They should know what you put your tresses through so they can help you create a good routine that will keep your hair in top shape as well. Experts from top salons like Fantastic Sams and Kimble Hair Studio could assist you in such concerns with great ease.

Caring for your hair is another important part of a fitness routine since your hair is still a part of your body. If your locks are healthy, then you’ll really achieve the best results for all of your efforts.

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