Dermatologists’ Top 13 Personal Skin Care Practices

Nobody knows the skin and skin care better than the dermatologists. Have you ever wondered what they actually do to protect their own skin?

Here is a list of things they consider most important:

1. Sun Block

Skin Care Practices - SunblockThough exposure to sunlight especially in the morning is very beneficial to overall health, too much sun can damage the skin and accelerate the skin’s aging process.

Dermatologists never leave their house without wearing sunscreen.

Over exposure to the sun is damaging. If you want to have a tan, better get it from Sun Tan City where they can provide you with safer tanning procedures.

2. Almonds for Breakfast

Almonds are very good skin savers. They provide essential fatty acids that help against inflammation which hastens facial lines and sagging.

Most dermatologists take almonds with their breakfast so there’s no chance of forgetting to eat some during the day. That’s how important almonds are.

3. Water Spray

The damage on the skin from exposure to the elements is aggravated by dryness. The skin has to be kept moist at all times. That’s why most dermatologists carry along a bottle of water spray so they can spray on anytime they feel dryness on their face.

4. Meditation

Skin Care Practices - MeditationAnother cause of premature aging is stress. No matter who you are and what you are doing, going through any day is stressful. You just might not be aware of it because you are already used to it.

Most dermatologists do some form of yoga to keep their stress levels down and keep the aging process in slow-mo.

5. Powder Sunscreen Re-Touch

The sunscreen’s protection is gone after 3 hours. Putting sunscreen in the morning will leave you without protection by noon time when the sun is most damaging.

It would be advisable to have powder sunscreen readily available so you can apply a retouch every 3 hours, at least until the sun goes down.

6. Sleep

Our entire body recovers during sleep the skin, included. People who miss out on the suggested 8 hours of sleep will show signs of aging faster than those who are able to rejuvenate from a complete and restful slumber.

Lack of sleep and rest will surely have their toll and it will show primarily on your skin through dryness, facial lines, looseness and eye bags.

7. Frozen Peas on the Eye Lids

Tired and itchy eyes are not supposed to be dealt with through scratching. Scratching will make the skin in the eye lids and its surroundings loose and stretched. The scratching remedy will produce lines that will make you look old.

Dermatologists suggest putting frozen peas on your eye lids as soon as you get home in the afternoon or evening.

8. Avoid Impact Activities

While exercise is always good for the body, high impact activities like jumping and jogging are bad for the skin. High impact activities such as these make your skin loose.

Dermatologists suggest trying other low impact activities like swimming and brisk walking.

9. Bend Over

To improve circulation on your facial skin, you should spend some time bending over and letting your face hang. Some yoga postures allow you to do so.

Dermatologists say that it would be good to spend at least 15 minutes a day bending over to let the blood flow freely within your facial skin to distribute the nourishment to each and every skin cell.

10. Less Sodium

Sodium causes the body to retain water and water retention also happens in the face. When your face is always bloated with excess water, the skin stretches. At a certain age, the skin doesn’t really go back to its original firmness.

So, avoid a high sodium diet. Drinking a lot of water will also keep your body from holding too much of it. So while you may already be carrying a water spray, also carry a water bottle for drinking.

11. Cut Sweets

While kids are excused from skipping candies and chocolate bars, adults should be careful in taking too much sugar in their system.

Sugar damages the collagen which makes the skin smooth and firm. Switch to low glycemic carbohydrates. Go whole grains which are low in sugar. This will limit the loss of collagen.

12. Pump Iron

Skin Care Practices - Lift weightsDoing some weight training not only keeps your muscles tight and firm but your skin as well. Working out in the gym not only tones the muscles in your body but your facial muscles as well.

13. Drink Tea

Tea has been known to prevent skin cancer and protects the collagen which keeps our skin firm and smooth.

Drinking 4 to 6 cups a day is advisable. It is recommended to have your tea time spread throughout the day.

There are hundreds of skin care tips available but, dermatologists will only do the most effective and important ones.

If you are not suffering from any special skin disorder, the items listed may be enough for your own skin care ritual. But, if you have a special skin condition, better see your dermatologist personally.

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