10 Skin Care Tips to Remember If You’re Waxing for the First Time

Anyone who struggles with unwanted body hair will know just how much of a nuisance they can be. Waxing offers one of the most efficient ways to get rid of them since it’s a quick method with long-lasting results. If you’ve decided to give this hair removal option a shot, you need to know a few things before giving it a go.

Why? For one, waxing can hurt your skin. It can create micro wounds and damage hair bulbs. In some occasions, it can also burn the skin. Infection is a serious threat, too, since it will strip off the uppermost layer of your skin.

Because of these, you have to be careful when going through the entire process. You have to prepare the area you intend to get waxed properly for the best results. You also need to take special measures to care for your skin after the hair is removed.

Choosing the right people to get the job done for you is just half of the battle. Even if you were able to book appointments with the best waxers from the Ministry of Waxing or Pretty Kitty, you still need to do your part to make sure that you’ll make the most of the process.

To help you get to know what comes with this hair removal method, here are a few of the most important tips that you should do when you decide to get waxed.

5 Ways to Prepare Your Skin Before the Waxing Session

1. Schedule your appointments wisely.

Unlike other spa or salon procedures, waxing requires some strategic planning. Why? For one, the process requires a certain amount of hair to work. For first timers with coarse hair, they need at least ½” of hair for the waxing process to be effective. So if you shave or pluck the area you intend to wax, you might need to grow them back a bit before scheduling a waxing appointment.

This is also an important consideration for women since hormones are in play during certain times of the month. Avoid scheduling your session a few days before your period is due. This might make the process to be more painful for you.

If you’re waxing facial hair, experts recommend delaying your appointment for a few weeks if you’ve just started using retinol. This exfoliant can make your skin fragile, so you might end up damaging your skin when you do both at the same time. Experts recommend stopping retinoid use a week before waxing to avoid such.

2. Exfoliate and moisturize regularly before your waxing session.

Doing these can help prevent ingrown hairs.

3. Pop a pre-appointment painkiller.

No matter how high your pain threshold is, waxing can still be painful. Painkillers can help make them more bearable, though.

4. Don’t apply anything on the area on waxing day.

Don’t apply skin creams, oils, and other kinds of products on your skin after cleansing before you get it waxed. Such products can make the hair slippery that they won’t adhere to the wax properly which can result in them not getting removed efficiently.

5. If you’re getting a bikini wax, know what you want before your appointment.

There are various shapes that you can opt for when getting a bikini wax. It’s important to know which one you want and will look great on you so your waxer won’t have to pick the default choice.

5 Ways to Help Your Skin Recover After Waxing

1. Keep your hands off.

As mentioned above, your skin will most likely be raw and stripped after waxing. Your pores will be open and the uppermost layer of your skin will be raw. This will make you susceptible to infections so make sure to keep your hands away from the waxed area.

Don’t touch and scratch to prevent infection. Also, make sure to wear clean clothes and use clean beddings. Doing these will help lower the risks of getting the tender area contaminated.

2. Use sun protection.

You will be left raw and bare from the exfoliation done by waxing so you should remember to wear sunscreen to better protect your skin.

3. Skip tanning or sunbathing, saunas, hot tubs, hot baths, and scented lotions at least for a day.

Due to the sensitivity your skin will experience after waxing, it’s best to skip activities that might hurt it even more. All of the things mentioned above will expose your skin to high heat, UV rays, and chemicals, so those might make things worse for your already sensitive skin.

4. Don’t go swimming right away.

A lot of people like to schedule their waxing appointments right before they leave for a holiday so their skin can stay smoother and hairless for much longer. This is okay as long as you stay away from pools or the sea a day or two after waxing. As your skin will be sensitive after getting waxed, it might react or even get infected from the chemicals and microorganisms in the water. It’s best to give it some time to heal first before taking a dip.

5. Slather on some soothing, moisturizing, and antibacterial gel or cream.

Help your skin recover from the waxing by soothing it. Aloe vera and other gentle ingredients can help do the trick, so make sure to slather some on the affected area after the hair is removed.

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