8 Flat Hair Fixes You Should Know About

As everyone knows, the world is not fair. Not everyone is blessed with good hair like Becky, so everyday is a struggle. If you don’t have to tame your frizzy mane, you most likely need to work hard to get volume in your hair and make sure it won’t lie limp and flat for all the world to see.

The main problem with having flat hair is you basically look two dimensional with it. Flat hair looks lifeless and makes one appear like a plain Jane, even if they’re not. Flat locks are also hard to style, making it trickier to fake fuller hair.  The biggest challenge is for those who have flat and oily hair as it can lead to looking like a wet rat all the time.

So, what are you supposed to do to get some volume into your tresses? Here are some expert tips you can try to add body to your locks.

1. Get a volumizing cut.

The right haircut can give your hair a fuller look, so even if it is actually flat and thin, you can still trick others to thinking that they’re not. Seek your hairstylist’s help in choosing the right cut for your hair and shape of your face to make sure you get the right style. Stylists from the Bubbles Salon are more than capable of getting the job done for you, so you can always rely on their assistance.

2. Use volumizing hair products.

You’ll need all the help you can get when it comes to adding body to your hair, so make sure to opt for volumizing hair products. There’s a wide array of items that you can get for this, including shampoos, conditioners, sprays, mousses, and sprays. Texturizing products are also great to create some abrasiveness in your hair strands, giving your hair the extra lift that it needs badly. Just be careful in overusing products, though, as using too much can also weigh your hair down and pull it flat.

3. Pick the right hair color.

Coloring your locks the right way can be the best trick in the book of faking hair volume. Your colorist can put in contrasting colors for your hair and highlights to create depth and make your hair look fuller.

Make sure to be careful in dyeing your hair, though, as thin hair are more prone to breakage. Also, make sure to leave the dyeing part to a professional as they know the best way to achieve the look you want.

4. Blow dry your hair correctly.

Blow drying your hair is the best way to achieve fuller tresses. However, if you want to take it up a notch and make your tresses look bigger, learn the right tricks in blowdrying. Experts suggest you flip your head upside down and blow dry in this position so the hair underneath will get more push and help lift the hair on the surface. Add some volumizing mousse to your hair and you’ll surely get fuller locks afterwards.

5. Lift your roots up.

Lifting your roots up will add volume right at the top of your head, which will make your hair appear fuller and thicker. Luckily, there are tons of ways how you can get this done. You can always use a flat iron near the roots of your hair to give the growing hair some body. Dry shampoo powder is also a great product to add some texture and volume to your roots.

6. Try getting some curls or waves.

How you style your hair can also help add volume and body to it. You can get curls and waves by sleeping with loosely braided wet hair or by using curling tools to get the job done. Set the curls with some spritz of hairspray so it’ll stay in place for as long as it can. You can also use some sea salt spray or some texturizing spray to get the job done.

7. Stay away from bangs.

While there are lots of women who look great with bangs, if you already have thin, limp hair, you shouldn’t grab a chunk away from it to use for creating some bangs. You need all the hair you can get to volumize what you already have, so taking away a good amount of your locks for some bangs can only make your hair look thinner. Add to this the fact that bangs are harder to fluff, so it’s not really a good idea to have it.

8. Keep the grease away.

To guarantee that your hair won’t lie flat again after all of the effort you’ve exerted in fluffing it up, make sure to work on the excess oil your hair glands might be producing. Extra oil will weigh your hair down and make it flatter, so dealing with the grease should be your number one priority.

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