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7 Ways to Determine How Healthy Your Hair Is

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For some reason, it’s very easy to damage one’s hair. A lot of established habits can turn out to be very harmful to your mane, making it possible that you’re unwittingly damaging your hair. The products you use, the way you dry your locks, and even the way you care for your tresses can all be damaging, depending on how you do it. This is why it’s more common to find people with damaged hair than those with very healthy locks.

If you’ve been trying your best in caring for your tresses, you might only have an inkling as to what healthy hair looks like. If you want to make sure and even check if your locks are already in great shape, here’s a quick checklist of what a healthy head of hair should be like:

Smooth and lustrous finish

There’s a reason why shampoo commercials only feature people with sleek and shiny hair: it’s because they’re the most recognizable signs of healthy locks. You know how they say your skin glows when your body? The same can be said with hair – it gets lustrous when it’s in perfect shape.

Hair with a silky appearance means that the cuticle is smooth and flat. It means it’s properly sealed and does a great job of protecting the sponge-like shaft of the hair. Because of this, the hair strands get to reflect light resulting in a shiny appearance.

Absence of split ends

Split ends are also common signs of hair damage. They’re signs that your tresses are brittle and dehydrated and that you need to do something about it ASAP. As the tips of your hair strands usually have a hard time getting some nourishment, they’re also the first areas that get severely damaged with poor hair maintenance.

If your locks are free of split ends, it’s a very good sign that your locks are getting enough nourishment and are hydrated enough not to break from the tips. It might not be the ultimate indicator of a healthy mane but it’s a very good start. This doesn’t mean you should skip your regular trims at Magicuts, however.

Good elasticity

One of the telltale signs of hair damage is brittleness, making it easy to break. This is why strong hair strands are good signs of healthy hair as it’s the complete opposite.

How would you know if your hair strands are pretty elastic? Pluck out a wet hair strand then hold it on both ends then tug them. The hair should stretch a little bit before snapping in two or bounce back to its original shape if it’s healthy. If it snaps right away, it’s weak and brittle.

Weak hair strands mean that your locks are dehydrated and in much need of added moisture. Otherwise, your tresses won’t be able to hold a good hairstyle. You can also expect serious frizzing in most cases.

Minimal shedding

It’s not unusual to experience a certain amount of hair fall on a daily basis. In fact, it’s normal to lose about 80 strands of hair a day. However, if you lose a lot more than that, there’s a good chance that your mane isn’t as healthy as you want it to be.

While shedding is caused by a wide range of reasons, from poor scalp health to stress, it’s still a reliable indicator of poor hair health since it can be caused by a lack of hair and scalp nutrients. So if you noticed that the number of hair strands left on your pillow, shower drain, or brush is very little, pat yourself in the back because it’s very likely that you have healthy tresses.

Humidity doesn’t faze your mane

Frizzy hair is a major sign that you have unhealthy hair. It means that your hair cuticles are damaged and lifted which allows the moisture to get into your hair shaft. As a result, it will cause swelling and will cause your hair to frizz.

Healthy hair shouldn’t be affected by humidity that much, though. If your locks are healthy, the cuticle will be flat and sealed. This will prevent moisture from getting into the shaft, maintaining the original shape of your strands.

Dandruff-free scalp

Hair health starts in the scalp, so if your hair is healthy, your scalp should be in great shape, too. While dandruff can also be caused by a wide array of things, most of it can be attributed to poor scalp health.

Improper washing, product irritation, yeast infection, and dry skin are just some of the most common causes of dandruff and all of them are easily avoidable with proper hair care and knowledge. This is why it can also be said that dandruff is also a sign of poor hair health.

If you have a clear scalp and the skin underneath your hair has the same color as the rest of your skin, it’s a solid sign that your locks are healthy.

Fuss-free detangling

As we mentioned before, healthy hair is soft and smooth. In turn, running your fingers through it should be a breeze. Your strands shouldn’t stick to each other and get easily tangled, even at night, when your hair gets rubbed against your pillowcase. So if you can finger-comb your hair without a lot of difficulties, then you can be guaranteed that your hair is healthy.

Ticked all of the boxes? Then, some congratulations are in order because you have a healthy mane. If only a few apply to you, keep on working on your tresses. With proper care, you’re sure to achieve the results you want and get a good head of hair.

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