20 Don’ts to Help You Achieve Good Skin

You are your skin’s best friend. As much you do, your skin would like to stay young, and healthy. And, your skin is really very active in rejuvenating itself to be fresh every morning.

But, some of the things we do, though unintentional, are not very helpful for our skin.

Here are some of them:

1. Not bathing thoroughly enough after a swim

Chlorine has a very damaging reaction with lotions. Though most shower after a swim, they are not showering enough. Use an extra sudsy soap to remove the chlorine and shower longer to make sure all the chlorine is off.

2. Not removing your make-up before you sleep

Having make-up on for so long, attracts bacteria that can infect your pores. This will lead to acne. Be sure to remove all make-up before going to bed.

3. Don’t drink too much coffee

Don't Drink Coffee - For Good SkinCoffee makes your skin dry and wrinkly. If you have to drink coffee, be sure to drink a lot of water after. If possible, drink 3 cups of water for every cup of coffee. But even with this water remedy, don’t drink too much coffee. If possible, don’t drink at all.

4. Don’t pop your pimples

When you see a pimple, don’t try to pick it. Picking a pimple will damage the skin pore and will only push the bacteria deeper inside your skin. The best remedy for a pimple is a topical anti-bacteria gel or antibiotic cream.

5. Don’t skip meals

Missing meals will make your skin age faster. It will also make it dry.

Never miss a meal for its nourishment is much needed for repair and maintenance, that includes your skin.

6. Don’t stay too long in the hot shower

Hot showers peel of the top layer of the skin exposing the new, tender and unready skin. As soon as the burning sensation starts, get out of the hot shower.

7. Don’t jump from one skin product to another

Some skin products have bad reaction to other skin products. Ideally, the use of skin products has to be prescribed to assure safety but, you can try out some on your own. Just don’t switch from one to another so quickly without allowing your skin to grow out from the previous one you were using.

8. Not drinking enough water

Dry skin results from being dehydrated. Go beyond the 8 glasses of water rule. The more water you drink the younger and fresher your skin will look. Skipping water will cause your skin to age and wrinkle faster.

9. Don’t stay on the phone too long

Keeping the phone pressed on your cheeks can cause acne and rashes. The phone is not the cleanest thing in the household especially if so many people are using it.

10. Don’t be careless in applying hair products

Hair products are for your hair. Skin products are for your skin. Careless application of hair products where it gets to your face is bad for your skin. Some hair products are too strong for the sensitive facial skin.

11. Don’t wear dirty sunglasses

Dirty sunglasses will infect your bridge and check bone. Sun glasses and corrective lenses are meant to be washed and cleaned every morning as they are repositories of yesterday’s dust and germs.

12. Not maintaining a regular weight

Being big at one time and small in another will make your skin loose. Keep a regular size and weight so that your skin will remain tight and firm.

13. Don’t miss out on sleep

Getting 8 hours of sleep is very important because your skin needs this time to recover and rejuvenate. People who miss out on this age faster and get wrinkly sooner for their age.

14. Don’t take too much sodium

Sodium makes your skin bloat and stretch out because you will retain too much water. A typical high sodium taker will have a bloated and sagging face.

15. Don’t squint

Squinting develops permanent lines on your face. Not only that, the muscles used for squinting will develop and increase in size making you look much older.

16. Don’t wax too much

Our hair protects our pores from germs and bacteria. Waxing removes this natural protection leaving our pores open to any foreign bodies that can infect it.

Don't wear lipstick - For good skin17. Don’t put lipstick

Lipsticks make your lips dry and chapped. There are hydrating lip balms available for your lips to keep them healthy and hydrated.

18. Don’t forget to change your pillow cases

Given that you are following the 8-hour sleep requirement, this means that you will be pressing one side of your face to your head pillow. Make sure that you change your pillow cases often.

19. Don’t frown

Frowning, like squinting, gives your skin angry lines that will make you look old. Smile instead.

20. Don’t forget your sunblock

Over exposure to the sun damages the skin like no other. If you need a tan get it from an indoor tanning salon like Palm Beach Tan where the ultraviolet radiation is safer and the procedure is supervised.

Your skin will be good to you only if, you will be good to it. Try to avoid these 20 don’t and not tos and see your skin refreshed and feeling new every day.

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