10 Tips to Having Great Hair

We have all experienced a bad hair day and no matter how much time you spend on fixing it, you  just cannot seem to get the style that you want. But there are also days when you wake up and your hair is so perfect that it looks like you just stepped out of Style America to get your hair done.

Of course, we can always go to hair salons for the treatment and styling that our hair needs. For instance, in Style America, you can get haircuts, coloring services, highlights, perms, as well as conditioning treatments. The hair stylists there know what they do, that is why you can be assured of satisfaction once you step out of the salon.

However, it is not all the time that we can go to the salon to fix our hair. There are also some things that we can do to have more great hair days than the bad ones. Below are ten useful tips for everyone when it comes to styling and keeping hair looking good, healthy and manageable:

  1. Your nutritional intake can affect the growth and appearance of your hair. A and B vitamins or foods which contain B6, B9, B12, and B Complex or Folic Acid are good for you because they ensure that your cells are working properly for a shiny and healthy hair.
  2. If you are experiencing a lot of hair loss, you might need to increase your Vitamins C, E and Zinc intake. These can help your body repair itself, which contributes to stopping further hair loss.
  3. Take some fish oil supplement to have naturally shiny hair. Fish oil brings the glow from within that is why your hair strands will be naturally glossy and healthier.
  4. Your scalp distributes nourishment to your hair strands that is why the health of your scalp is also important. Make sure that it does not get clogged from product buildup because it can slow the growth and distribution of nourishment. Use a shampoo and conditioner which focus on clarifying the scalp so you can have a well-nourished, softer, and prettier hair.
  5. If water supply has high levels of chlorine, it can also affect the texture of your hair. Too much chlorine can cause your hair to be rough, dry, and frizzy so it will also be difficult to manage. To avoid this, install a filter on your shower head to help remove or at least lessen the chlorine for a more manageable hair.
  6. People with curly hair need to take extra care of their curls to avoid disrupting the curl patterns. If you have curly hair, stay away from hair products which contain silicones or sulfates because they can easily dry up your hair. Use cleansers with natural oils and plant extracts to maintain the health of your hair.
  7. To avoid frizz, keep your curly hair hydrated by applying a protein-based treatment at least twice a month to maintain your hair’s moisture balance.
  8. When getting a haircut, do some research and save some photos of hairstyles that you are interested in. Bring those photos when you go to the salon and show them to your stylist. Discuss texture and maintenance before your stylist starts cutting because there are cuts that do not work for everyone. Make sure that your chosen style will work for you in terms of your hair’s texture and length.
  9. If you have a short hairstyle, styling pastes and pomades are your best friends. You also need to have different styling products so you can play around with your hair style depending on your mood.
  10. Hair color is a great way to change and enhance your looks, but make sure that your hair is prepared for it. Most hair dyes contain a lot of chemicals and can damage your hair so make sure that your hair is healthy enough for the procedure. Otherwise, you might end up with severely damaged hair.

There are just a handful of things that you can do to keep your hair looking great all the time. The secret is to ensure that you keep your scalp and your hair healthy by providing the nourishment that they need. Styling can also be a breeze if you know how to deal with your hair type and you know which style works best for you.

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