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10 Haircuts to Sexify Springtime

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Spring is the time when flowers bloom and the scenery becomes green, inviting positive energy and a feeling of excitement in the air. With every change of the season comes a new wave of hope, that somehow your hairstyle will finally be noticed by that hottie you’ve been sharing a table with at Starbucks since winter.

Overall, it’s time for a big change and when it comes to your hair, you’re ready to go all-out, especially now that you are on a hunt for a new beau. Maybe you’ve let your bangs grew all winter or maybe you got tired of the same old beach curls; whatever the reason is, spring made you feel alive and you are definitely ready for something else.

Before you head out to Best Cuts, here is a list of the top ten haircuts for spring that will definitely make you the sexy siren you have always wanted to be.

The Bob, Lob & Short Hair Collection

1. Heavy Side-Swept Bangs

The length of your hair needs to fall below the chin, just lightly brushing your shoulders, ending with a thick and heavy side-swept bangs. This will help frame your face, creating an illusion of slimmer cheeks and longer neck. To add more movement and texture, add longer layers at the back.

2. Boyish, Soft Pixie Cut

Ask for a pixie cut that has many textured layers to avoid looking wispy and flat. Uneven and snipped bangs that fall right above your brows will make it look as if you didn’t care too much about the look when really, you’re just trying to avoid looking too prim.

3. The Bob & Bangs

Keep the look neat, simple and straight with a face-framing bob and making the bangs heavy, falling just below the brow line. An elegant yet edgy cut, the bangs are definitely the defining features of this hairstyle. Make sure to ask your stylist to keep the length at a minimum to make it manageable.

4. Rumpled Lob with Angled Layers

Make the bangs longer and the layers choppy, keeping the length past your shoulders to achieve softer edges. Remember that hair texture matters. If you have thin hair, don’t ask your stylist to razor the layers but if your hair is thick, by all means, go for a more thinned out look.

5. The A-Line Bob

Create a dramatic angled look with an A-line bob that is sleek and chic. A side part can put the subtle asymmetry of the cut into focus, making the look more blunt yet polished.

The Beach, Long & Waves Collection

1. Long Loose Layers with Grown-Out Bangs

This cut is flattering for all hair texture but a word of caution: shorter layers adds volume to thinner hair while long length makes the texture look naturally thick. This look is best if you are trying to grow your bangs because the long and loose layers will simply give your look a boho beach vibe, similar to that of the mermaid look when dried up.

2. Long Lengthy Layers with Airy Bangs

Keep the layers below the chin to blend in with the rest of your hair and highlight the airy fringe. Make sure to keep the length of the bangs just below the eyebrow, creating a skimming look. This look is almost similar to the “bob and bangs” except with lighter fringe and longer hair.

3. Classical Long Layers

Ask the stylist to do the layers in the following order – chin, collarbone, chest. These triple layered look will give your hair a longer depth and fantastic finish.

4. Straight, Sleek & Blunt

Who says the usual straight and blunt cut is out? This versatile, go-to long hair look will look better on people with fine hair because it creates the illusion of thick, healthy and silky hair. Add a little curl at the ends to make it even more better.

5. All-Over Layers

The ultimate beach look, with fringe in and layers swinging freely with the summer breeze. Best paired with a bikini and a pair of wayfarers while soaking in some sun on a beach. Besides impersonating the whole luau-themed look, this style is easy to manage and low maintenance as well.

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