What Are the Hair Myths That Have Already Been Answered?

The following is no longer a list of myths but rather statements that defy the usual beliefs we grew up with regarding our views on haircut, whether it is wrong to cut it or cut it for all the wrong fictitious reasons but then maybe it doesn’t matter but it really won’t hurt to still discuss.

Getting a Regular Haircut Alone Will Not Stop Hair Loss

A lot of people are going for the scissors for the wrong reasons instead of facing the problem head on. While trimming adds volume to what is left of your hair and make it bouncy and healthier, the thinning of your hair is another story which needed real expert advice so never settle for do it yourself options because some more damage from mistakes you cannot really afford to make at this crucial moment might be irreversible so go see a doctor about it as early as now.

Trimming the Hair Does Not Make It Grow Faster

Trimming the hair does not really make it grow faster but it helps promote healthy hair growth by directing all the needed nutrients on healthier hair and not trying to revive the ragged ends.

A Haircut and a Trim Is Not the Same

I guess nothing is the same in this Earth and a haircut and a trim is no exception.

While both give the hair healthy benefits, there are just a few differences. 

Technically a trim should only be about half an inch of hair off. A haircut can be any amount of hair as one can go from long to short but of course never the other way around.

Both can be distinct depending on the skills of the hairstylist. Trimming is the mild version or an option if you really want to keep most of your hair which sometimes takes years to grow the way you like.

When you enter your favorite salon such as Carlton Hair or Chatters Salon, make sure you discuss with your hairstylist how much hair will you be willing to let go but since they are the ones who can check for any damage they will try to fix it by cutting it right away so one should not be offended if they will suggest a shorter hair. Most likely, aside from foreseeing what will look good on you, they saw how much damaged hair needs to be removed too.

You Should Never Cut Your Hair Using Just Any Pair of Scissors

It may be tempting to trim our own hair especially now that the pandemic has made it increasingly risky to go out or hire services of people coming from outside.

If you can’t help but need to do it yourself, never make the mistake of using just any pair of scissors you can grab.

You will surely get split ends if you try to trim your hair with a regular pair of scissors because they are not made for that purpose.

Make sure you use proper professional scissors which are specially made for hair cutting or better yet, just leave the cutting of hair to professionals who are sure to be equipped on how to do the process safely even if there’s a pandemic except if there are lockdown restrictions as of the moment.

It’s Not True That We Cannot Cut Our Own Hair

Again if you are left with no choice, it will help to arm yourself with little knowledge such as the different ways of trimming the hair:

Search and Destroy

This is a simple method with simple goals – look for strands of hair that have split ends, heat damage or are just generally in bad shape and cut it

Seek, find and cut is quite a gratifying process so you need to know when to quit because it is a method that can be quite addictive when the reality is it is very unlikely that you will be able to get all the damaged hairs yourself especially in the back areas which is impossible for you to see.

Ride on Your Curls

You will be needing a lot of practice and in born visual skills if you want to

trim your hair in its natural curl pattern because you run the risk of making some areas shorter than other portions.

Straight Trim

Need we say more? This is going to be the easiest way to do it with less chance of mistakes.

Trimming your own hair has advantages like having more control and making sure you are trimming it in such a precise way according to your preferences and that you don’t go too short in some areas.

But again, it is still more advisable to leave it to people who are trained to do it.

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