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The Magical Haircut That Looks Great on Everyone

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When it comes to beauty and make-up, there is nothing more important than a great universal product that can easily flatter anyone, whatever their skin tone is. People choose these classic picks because they know it will always work, no matter what. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work the same way with haircuts and hairstyles.

There is a reason why people meticulously plan their hairstyle. Before setting up an appointment at Avid, for example, people especially women will painstakingly scroll at pins found in Pinterest, imagine themselves wearing the look, then giving it a go when they feel it will suit them.

However, most of the time, these photos will look good on the photograph but not on whoever saw (and pinned) it on Pinterest. Although it might be fun to test everything ala trial and error method, chances are you’ll end up regretting the decision, succumbing to an anti-social mood, and waiting for your hair to grow.

As the quest for the perfect haircut continues, one can’t help but wonder, is there a universally accepted haircut that will flatter every face shape, a one-size-fits-all cut? While it might sound like an urban legend passed down from one stylist to another, veteran hairstylists believe such a magical haircut exists.

Introducing, The Lob

As this year’s hottest haircut, many people are confused as to how it differs to its predecessor, the bob. Well, there is no difference between the two except that the lob is a portmanteau of “long bob”. It is universally flattering because it is such a versatile cut wherein people can customize the length, texture and look.

Besides being extremely easy to work with, the lob has several variations to make it better for the individual sporting it. Best of all, almost all female celebrities have donned the lob, even before it got popular because it is almost similar to the bob.

How It Works on Different Hair Type

Thin Hair – keep your lob haircut short and clean, staying away from layers to make it look as if you have thick hair. Get inspiration from reality star Lauren Conrad if you feel you can’t seem to imagine the style on yourself.

Mousy Hair – add layers to soften the tips and to incorporate texture, ending with a choppy slightly messy and edgy look.

Straight and Sleek Hair – make it simple and straightforward, just like how Emma Roberts does it. To style it, simply blow dry your hair and use a flatiron to make it sleek and shiny.

Thick Hair – if you think you can’t pull this off, get inspired by Emma Stone, whose thick red mane still looked fantastic in a lob. Ask your stylist to give your hair thinned out layers but ensuring that they are longer in the back to avoid looking bulky.

Curly Hair – don’t freak out! Think Beyonce and Kate Hudson. The secret to pulling it off is keeping the length just above your shoulders. Make sure to towel-dry the hair to avoid getting it frizzy and breaking out.

Types of Lobs to Try

Blunt Lob – keeping it simple with no layers and never going above the jawline, this lob is all about uniformity. This style will elongate your neck and make you seem taller. Perfect for fine or fried from treatment hair type. Get inspiration from Jessica Alba’s laid back look, parting it in the middle to look youthful and trendy.

Long-Layered Lob – chin-length layers can provide texture and allows movement. This look is best for people with long faces as it adds width and sophistication. Get inspiration from Zoe Saldana’s better than beach waves look, keeping it with soft curls for added chic.

Choppy Lob – put in wispy layers using thinning shears to soften any harsh lines, keeping it longer to avoid looking like a soccer mom when you are single and young. Goes perfectly well with all face shapes and can add a touch of youth. This is the best style to go for if you are unsure about cutting your hair. Get inspiration from Mad Men’s January Jones, dressing up once in awhile in a chignon or messy bun.

To make it work, open communication with your stylist is the key. Bringing in photos of the look that you want and creating a discussion will also make your stylist confident about what you want. The lob is a look that will suit anyone, just as long as you know how to tailor it for yourself.

If you wish to truly feel the difference in your haircut, don’t be afraid to try on new things especially when it comes to a versatile cut like the lob. At the end of the day, it’s about how confident you are that you can pull the look off, that will make the look even better on you.

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