The Battle for The Brows: Threading and Waxing Comparison

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Eyebrows frame the face, in a manner of speaking, so no wonder that many women actually take the time to make their eyebrows as perfect as possible. Many women also choose the professional route by having their eyebrows shaped in salons like Brow Art 23, and we agree! With a professional eyebrow technician shaping your eyebrows, you’re more likely to get your desired shape. 

But what’s the best method to use: Threading or waxing? Keep in mind that each method has its pros and cons that must be considered before making your decision. Both, however, have the same goal – to remove stray hairs on your eyebrow and, thus, to create the desired eyebrow shape. In both cases, too, your perfectly-shaped eyebrows will last for about four weeks. 

Pain Level

Both waxing and threading involves a certain level of pain, sadly. But the number of times that you will feel the discomfort varies between the two methods.

With waxing, you will experience the pain only once in each eyebrow since the waxing strip removes the unwanted hair in a single motion. Your aesthetician, nonetheless, may use two strips on each eyebrow – one each on the top and bottom – to achieve the desired shape.

With threading, your pain experience will be more numerous. The aesthetician removes the stray or unwanted hairs in lines or rows, one line at a time, so you’re likely to feel the painful pulling motions more than once. 

In this case, waxing is the clear winner. 

Duration of Procedure

There’s also the matter of threading taking longer than waxing, a consideration that may women take into account when choosing between the two methods. This is because threading removes the unwanted hair in several lines and waxing does so using a large rectangular patch.

Where eyebrow threading can take five minutes or so, it can take an aesthetician just a couple of minutes in waxing.  This is also true for a full-face threading that requires 15-20 minutes longer than a full-face waxing session. 

But there are also other factors that affect the duration needed for each method. You may have thicker eyebrows, for example, so a waxing session may last longer than you anticipated. 

Period When the Results Last

As previously mentioned, both threading and waxing are considered as temporary hair removal methods. The hair is removed from its root but the process itself will not kill the root, thus, the hair will grow back.

Tip:  If you want permanent hair removal, you should consider laser treatments. Yes, these are expensive but these are effective.

In both waxing and threading, the hair will grow back in two to three weeks, four weeks at most, depending on your hair type. When your eyebrow hair grows back, you’re not necessarily qualified, so to speak, for another waxing or threading session. Your hair has to be a certain length before you can undergo a follow-up session. 

In general, your hair should be about 1/4” long for waxing purposes. It can be shorter – about 1/8” to 1/4” long for threading. Your aesthetician is the best judge in this matter. 

Cost of the Procedure

We’re talking about professional services here. If you perform the waxing or threading at home, you will likely find that threading is the cheaper option.

But for professional services, both methods cost about the same. Your choice will be affected by a number of other factors including how fast your eyebrow hair grows, how well you want your eyebrows shaped, and how much you can afford to pay for the service. 

But if you want the best possible eyebrows, then the cost of threading and/or waxing isn’t an issue! 

Of course, you can also shave, thread, or wax your eyebrows at home, if you’re hesitant about the cost. But if you come to think of it, there are more risks than rewards when performing DIY eyebrow-shaping sessions, especially ones that involve sharp blades, hot wax, and threads. 

For one thing, you may be unable to get into the awkward areas of your eyebrows, such as near your eyes. Your hands can become unsteady so you can end up with nicks from the razor, or stray hairs that haven’t been properly pulled by the wax strip, or stubborn hairs left behind by the thread. Your eyebrows, in short, won’t be as shapely as you want them to be.

For another thing, you may not have the necessary skills and equipment for these eyebrow-shaping methods. Yes, you can buy the supplies but you may not have the proper skills to use them safely and effectively. Professional eyebrow-shaping service may have its cost but when its benefits are taken into account, you would be more than willing to pay for it.  So, come and visit Brow Art 23 and have your eyebrows done the right way! You will agree that there’s nothing like perfectly-shaped eyebrows to highlight your eyes.

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