Take Years off Your Face with These 5 Hairstyles

Who here doesn’t want to look younger?  If you knew the secret to taking years off your face, wouldn’t you go for it?

You can for all the anti-aging creams you want, but what many fail to realize is that their hairstyles hold the key to looking so much younger than they really are. With the right hairstyle, you can take years off your face and surprise everyone with your fresh look. In the same way, if you’re not careful, you can also appear older than you really are.

To look young, below are the hairstyles you can try:

1. The Angled Bob

Many women love to stick to their long locks, but sometimes a drastic chop-off is just what you need. The classic bob is a hairstyle that has lasted the test of time, and that’s probably because it has always been chic. Little girls are often seen sporting this look, but you want to look young but sophisticated at the same time.

To achieve this, you can go for a slightly angled bob that rests just below your jaw at the front and then becomes shorter progressively as you move towards the back. If you want, you can also try adding bangs in the front.

What the bob does is it instantly lifts your face by drawing people’s eyes upward. The angle creates a wonderful illusion, making your jaw appear higher and your cheekbones lifted. If your skin is starting to show signs of sagging, this is the perfect way to counter it.

2. Pixie Cut

Sprinkle that fairy dust, because the pixie cut is guaranteed to bring you back to the ageless beauty of Never Never Land. The pixie cut is perhaps the most drastic of all short hair types, but it’s also one of the most rewarding, if you do it properly.

What’s great about the pixie cut is it highlights your strong bone structure, exudes self-confidence, and removes everything that’s dragging you down, literally. A pixie cut combats gravity and draws all attention upward.

Be warned though that not everyone has the face shape for the pixie cut, and the first time you see yourself in the mirror with such a short hairstyle (especially if you’re used to wearing your hair long), it may really feel a bit shocking.

3. Soft and Romantic Waves

For those with medium length or long hair, the key to looking younger may be in your curling wand, iron, your preferred tool that to achieve soft and romantic waves. Waves can help you look younger, and here’s why.

As you grow older, you tend to lose facial volume, making your face look more angular and sharp at the edges. This can make you look older than you really are, and you can counteract this by styling your hair to be soft and bouncy. Gentle waves will definitely give you a more youthful and feminine look, so it will be good to keep this hairstyle in mind.

With waves however, it’s important not to overdo it and instead achieve a retro look. You wouldn’t want the voluminous curls that will take you back to the old fashion trends many, many decades ago.

4. Ponytail

Whether high or low, sleek or messy, a beautifully-done ponytail will always bring the youth back to your face. Depending on where you’re going, you can style your ponytail in different ways.

The high ponytail in particular recreates the triangle of youth in one’s face, drawing the eyes upwards and giving your face a natural lift. You can tease a bit of volume in the crown and make it look like a “messy” ponytail, adding even more of that youthful and carefree vibe. If you’ll be in a more formal setting then perhaps a sleek, tight ponytail is more appropriate.

Don’t underestimate the low ponytail either, because this can also help you achieve a younger look. It still gives you that clean, fresh look and keeps your hair away from your face. If you want to frame your face, you can also loosen some tendrils from the tie and allow these to caress your face.

5. Shoulder-Length and Layered

If you can’t decide between short and long hair, the tired and tested shoulder length waits for you at the happy middle ground. Shoulder-length tends to be flattering no matter how old you are, and it’s a way of cutting off some inches of your hair without going all out short.

If you go for this style, adding layers will also be beneficial. Long layers can be flattering and frames your face beautifully. It also adds some much-needed volume as well as a little character to your hair. With layers like this, you can also style your hair easier if you want it curled.

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