Have Soft and Smoother Hair With Homemade Treatment

TGF Hair Salon recognizes that everyone, at least every woman, wants to have a smooth, shiny, and silky hair. It is something that can be achieved by taking good care of your hair, whether you have short or long, straight or curly. However, it is not that easy to accomplish. While some are blessed with great hair that only needs a little styling to look perfect, for some, it can take a lot of trips to the salon to have the hair that they want.

There are conditioning treatments offered at TGF Hair Salon to help ensure beautiful and healthy hair. Prices may vary, depending on the length as well as the type of treatment. Of course, hair treatments which are professionally done are always better, but if you do not have the budget to frequently visit your favorite salon, there are treatments that you can do at home, using common ingredients at an affordable price.


This is probably one of the most common that can be found in the kitchen so you can try using this hair treatment anytime. You can choose any of the methods below and do it once a week for softer and shinier hair.

For the first one, all you have to do is mix one egg white with one tablespoon of olive oil and another tablespoon of honey until you have a smooth paste. Apply it on your damp hair and scalp and leave it on for about 30 minutes with your head covered with a shower cap. Afterwards, wash your hair using a mild shampoo and cool water. It is important to use cool water because hot water can clot the egg, making it more difficult to wash it out of your hair.

For the second method, beat two eggs until it gets foamy and then mix in two tablespoons of almond oil and half a cup of plain yogurt. Apply it on your hair and scalp and leave it on for about 30 minutes. Rinse completely with shampoo and cool water.


If you see a bottle of beer in the fridge, you can use it to add luster and shine to your hair since beer works as an excellent tonic. The hops and malt components in beer can help repair hair cuticles and provide nourishment to the follicles.

After washing your hair with shampoo, apply beer to your hair from roots to tips. Massage it onto your scalp using circular motions to ensure that everything will be absorbed. Leave it on for five minutes and then rinse off completely. You can o this once every two weeks for great results.


Mayonnaise is known to make hair healthy, shiny, soft, and strong because it contains amino acids, proteins, and antioxidants that are good for the hair.

Depending on your hair’s length, use one half to a cup of mayonnaise and apply it on freshly washed and still damp hair. Leave it on for half an hour while your head is covered with a shower cap. Then, wash your hair using a mild shampoo and cool water. For best results, do this treatment once a week.

Apple Cider Vinegar

There are many known benefits of apple cider vinegar and conditioning the hair is one of them. It can make your hair soft, shiny, and moisturized while also removing residues that make hair look dull and lifeless. It can also help treat dandruff and itchy scalp.

Just mix together equal parts of apple cider vinegar and water and pour the mixture into your hair after shampooing. It would be probably best to do this while still in the shower to avoid any mess. Massage it onto your scalp and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing off with cold water.

Coconut Oil

Organic and unrefined coconut oil are the best oils to use in providing nourishment to your hair. It can help restore moisture and make dry and damaged hair healthy and shiny again.

Apply warm coconut oil to your hair, from roots to tips and massage for a few minutes. Wrap your hair in a shower cap or warm towel and leave on for 00 minutes. Afterwards, rinse your hair and use shampoo and conditioner as usual. Do it once or twice a week, depending on you’re the condition of your hair.

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