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Getting braids done should be a piece of cake, right? Simply wet hair, part the strands in sections, next do a French zigzag weave, and then seal the ends with a ribbon. Sounds simple enough, maybe you could even do it with your eyes closed. But midway, you’ll see how intricate the process of braiding two twin pigtails can be and you can end up with something uneven with stray hairs poking from the sides. If you ever tried braiding your own hair or a little one’s hair for that matter, you’re quite familiar with this haphazard hair scenario.

The following Pigtails and Crewcuts prices are estimates only.

Item Price

Hair Services

Kid's Haircut $17.95
Bang Cut $5.95
Blow Dry $5.95
First Haircut Package $21.95
Flat Iron $12.00
Shampoo $5.00
Shampoo with Blow Dry $9.95
Braids $8.95
Up-Do's $18.95
Mom's Cut $22.95
Mommy Blowouts $19.95
Dad's Cut $17.95

Other Services

Nail Polish $5.95
Toe Polish $5.95
Nail & Toe Polish $10.00

Ear Piercing

Free With Purchase Of Studex Earring

Stainless Steel $20.00
14K Gold $50.00
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Most parents pride themselves being hands-on with their kids, but if you can’t get it right, no matter how many braiding Youtube tutorials you watch, then there are just some things you should leave to the styling experts. After all, dear mums out there, a shabby braid simply won’t do for the little one especially if she wants to look like a dreamy princess with her playground pigtails, and not a milk maid having a bad day at the farm.

If you want to set your kids apart with awesome braids and genuinely clean crew cuts (Yes, there’s equal room for rambunctious little boys, too) then visit Pigtails & Crewcuts salon.

Sweet Beginnings

Pigtails & Crewcuts has been taking care of kid’s hair styles for over a decade. Founded in 2004, Pigtails & Crewcuts now has 30 kiddie-themed salons across the country. Once you arrive, you can expect brightly lit interiors adorned with colorful and interactive toys. You can expect the staff to greet you immediately and ask about your needs. Plus this salon is also built with your child’s safety in mind – salon chairs have safety belts to secure your child during haircuts and there are no hazardous chemicals in use in the salon, the hair products use for hair and scalp treatments are all-natural and organic.

Getting that Haircut Done

Now I’m sure most parents know that the average hairdresser doesn’t have the patience or eagerness to deal with a fussy little child. Some are a bit hesitant to even take a snip particularly if you’re kid is a very active one and just won’t sit still.

At Pigtails & Crewcuts, we know everything should be enjoyable for child. We treat each visit like a playdate. Here, babies get playful distractions such as bubbles, puppets and toys while toddlers get some fun time sitting on race cars while getting their snip. In fact, you can even get solid hair advice from stylists who are highly skilled in creating high quality haircuts while keeping your child engaged in play. Now that’s mindful multi-tasking!

Pigtails & Crewcuts Salon Services

Experience the best of Pigtails & Crewcuts, your family can indulge in the following hair salon services during each visit:

  • Haircuts & Bang Cuts. Pigtails & Crewcuts stylists customize each style for the younger set.
  • Blow-dry & Styling. For a quick and convenient style refresher, blast some volume into your hairdo and you’re good to go!
  • Shampoo & Conditioning. A pre-service wash and shampoo before any hair is ideal, plus conditioning helps restore sheen from root to tip.
  • Fashionable Braids. The best hair braiding service you can rely on, you can choose from classic pigtails, fishtails to braided crowns.
  • Up-dos. Special occasions call for special hair stylings. Perfect for weddings and recitals.
  • Accessories, Shampoos & Goos. Choose from a merry lot of adorable ribbons, bows and headbands to keep braids in place. Plus salon shampoos and bath goos you can purchase and take home with you.
  • Nail & Toe Polish. Fancy a new acrylic job on your nails and toes. Get ‘em perfectly polished.

Come Let’s Party!

But Pigtails & Crewcuts are not just for your child’s monthly haircuts; you can enjoy having their birthday parties here as well. Pigtails & Crewcuts has a fun array of kiddie parties you can choose from. Or better yet, create your own dream party and the staff will organize your child’s super birthday bash.

Every Pigtails & Crewcuts salon has a private party room for fancy dress-up parties. Little girls can enjoy a lavish tea party or a spa day out with their friends while little boys can plunder like pirates or catch up with their favorite superheroes. Each celebration comes with a fun party host, and exclusive party favors from paper plates to napkins. Moms don’t need to worry about cleaning up post-party; our awesome staff will be on clean-up patrol. You don’t have to worry about anything except enjoy the party.

Customer Feedback Matters

Parents who come in with their kids had these remarkable things to say about Pigtails & Crewcuts:

A gentle approach always works.

The sight of scissors would easily send my boy into a screaming fit, but the staff was very friendly and they were able to use these set of quiet clippers that made a huge calming difference. He was able to relax after a few minutes.”

Adorable, high-quality braids and haircuts worth every penny.

“My Lala’s braids were beautifully done, like a lovely crown from a fairytale, and the whole process didn’t take too long. We were out in time for her recital. Her hair looked amazing, just cute and appropriate for her age. Now that’s quality service.”

Parents Take Note

Taking your kids to the salon need not be a challenge anymore, and better yet, getting braids done are now a cinch. Besides the great hair care service for kids, you can be sure that each visit to Pigtails & Crewcuts can be a fun, relaxing and entertaining experience for the whole family.

To set up an appointment with Pigtails and Crewcuts, please visit their official site at www.pigtailsandcrewcuts.com.

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