How to Tan Safely and Avoid Potential Dangers

There has been so much debate on tanning over safety and benefit issues.

Those who are against tanning say that it’s better to get vitamin D somewhere else without the risk of getting skin cancer.

Those who are for tanning say that there is much more to being under the sun than just vitamin D and nothing is more natural than sunlight. Millions of people who lived before us never bothered about skin cancer and yet, they got to live full lives.

Both arguments are true. Some doctors claim that even with all the news about skin cancer, the morning sun is still the best medicine for all ailments.

No matter what others say, people who want to get a tan will still get a tan and the best thing to do is to keep tanning safe. And, it all starts with correct, relevant and useful information.

Understanding Tanning

Tanning is your skin’s reaction to UV rays. The actual darkening or tanning is your skin’s way to protect you from UV rays. So, tanning is not really all about beautification. It is mainly protection.

But exposing yourself to UV rays can cause skin cancer. Well, too much of it and, these are the operative words.

So, safe tanning is all about getting just enough exposure to be able to develop a protective tan against UV rays.

To say it another way; safe tanning is also about not getting too much UV rays so you won’t get skin cancer.

Sun Protection

Is the sun hotter and more dangerous today?

Some studies show that the Ozone layer which diffuses the UV rays has gone thinner and that’s why the sun’s rays is more dangerous today than it was in the past.

If the earth’s atmosphere cannot give that much protection anymore then, we should put a skin shield of our own; sun screens.

Putting on sun screens will diffuse the harmful level of UV rays and will make tanning safer. It will take a little longer to get a tan with a sun screen but, at least it is safe. It is sort of like being cooked in slow fire.

There are different sun screens according to their level of protection. If you want to be safe, you better choose the one with the highest protection.


The sun can’t be dangerous the whole day. Most doctors still believe in the value and benefits of the morning sun from 6 am to 9 am. You could schedule your tanning sessions during this time frame and another of the sort say, 3 pm to 5 pm in the afternoon.

The most dangerous time under the sun would be 2 hours before and after noon, 10 am to 2 pm, that’s when the sun is at its peak. It would be best to stay under the shade during these times.

Tanning in the Shade

If you really want to get a tan during the sizzling hours around noon then, tan under a shade. You will still get a tan even if you are set under the shade of a tree. The tan won’t come in as fast as if you are directly under the sun but, you get a tan anyway. And, it’s a safe tan.

Tanning under the shade is quite fashionable. Very few people actually know that you’ll get a tan anyway so many are bound to ask what you’re doing under the shade. It will be a conversation piece. You will have the chance to meet new people and look smart when you share the info.

Avoid Tanning Pills

Avoid tanning pills at all cost. Every brand will tell you that it won’t give you skin cancer that’s true but, the pills will damage your liver.

Everyone should be careful about taking anything in through their mouth. A lot of companies are making aggressive false claims about safety issues.

Tanning pills contain dye that is very harmful to your liver. Moreover, it turns your skin to orange after successive usage.

Tanning Salon

The real danger of outdoor tanning is its uncertainty. Of course you can use a sun screen and you can schedule your tan early morning or late afternoon but still, you don’t really know how much is enough and how much is too much because it’s all guess work.

The best and safest way to tan is where there is a skin health/care professional supervising your exposure in a controllable and adjustable UV environment; tanning beds.

You can go to Palm Beach Tan and they will assign a tanning expert to manage your tanning procedure. There, you’re sure that it’s safe because everything is measurable and monitored. There’s no possibility of getting too much.

It’s actually better to get your tan in a tanning salon because you’ll get the exact tan that you want unlike under the sun where everything is just approximation and guess work.

Tanning in the right amount offers aesthetic beauty and protection. So tan safer, tan wiser.

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