How to Take Care of Your Toenails

Everyone must take care of their toenails if they don’t want it to look yellow, thick, and cracked. To those who are unlucky, they might even develop toenail fungus which can make one’s feet hurt so much whenever they try to wear their shoes. It’s extremely ugly too.

Toenail fungus should be avoided at all costs because it can lead to serious infection if left untreated and prevention is still always better than scrambling for any cure.

First, this happens a lot when you don’t clean your toenails properly so it is best to equip yourself with knowledge on how to best take care of your toenails and feet.

Here is a list of things we should do to keep our toenails clean and fungus free:

Avoid Going Barefoot in Public Places

Who would even think about doing this to begin with? Never in your whole life have you imagined you are going to do this one day but sometimes we get caught in a situation where for some weird reason we need to take our shoes off, remember this again – don’t ever go barefoot in public. Find something clean to step on or cover your feet if you really need to take off your shoes like when you are in some kind of holy ground or something.

Remember that fungus loves to grow in warm, wet places and it spreads easily from person to person so everyone must wear slippers when in public pools and shower rooms as well as locker and dressing rooms.

Keep Your Feet Dry

Aside from making sure it is always dry, of course it must be very clean too.

Always wash your feet with soap and water and dry them off afterward

The skin between your toes must be kept clean and dry too so all possibility of picking up fungus in those areas as well will be gone. 

Never Repeat Your Socks

Some people change their socks more than twice a day because they want to make sure their feet are always dry even if they tend to get sweaty when they walk or run or just sit the whole day at work.

It is also advisable not to wear the same shoes for two consecutive days. The shoes need to be air dried the next day to get rid of any fungus. 

Change socks and shoes as often as possible to prevent any accumulation of unwanted sweat, odor and fungus.

Always Examine Your Feet and Toes

Always observe closely for any changes in texture or nail color because that might be a sign that you need to see a doctor because you might be catching fungus at its early stage.

It could be something else like an athlete’s foot or another infection. All the same, it would not hurt to check with a doctor if there is anything serious and what could be done about it.

Wear Proper Footwear

Again, avoid dirty water getting on your feet at all costs. Always wear rain boots if you are going to walk in a puddle or mud, closed shoes to avoid dust, and breathable slippers that dry easily after shower or swimming. Use the appropriate footwear for particular situations.

Fungus thrives when the feet are squeezed uncomfortably inside tight, hot shoes and socks. Choose a pair of shoes that gives your feet room to breathe whenever you buy one.

Choose.fabrics with wicking technology. Socks made from synthetic fiber that pulls moisture away from the feet are better than cotton or wool. 

Foot Powder was Invented for a Reason

Corn starch can be effective but medicated powder is more powerful. Who at this age and time still doesn’t know that foot powder prevents fungus and athlete’s foot? Spread some on your feet generously. 

Clean Tools, Clean Feet

Never share your nail clippers, files, and scissors with anyone. Anyone who loves you will not want to share anything potentially contagious, incurable and late to detect with you so you should be the same with anyone. Keep your tools clean by sterilizing them with rubber alcohol every time after you use them.

Only Wear Nail Polish on Really Special Occasions

They say your nails need to dry out completely from nail polish to keep it

healthy and nice looking even without one so it is recommended that you skip it in your next cleaning schedule at Nails 4 U or Hollywood Nails. Better reserve that fantabulous design you have been discussing with your nail technician for months on your next romantic date or concert maybe. Using nail color in excess as well as fake nails 

can trap moisture and create a perfect place for fungus to grow so it is best to skip it once in a while.

Animals Are the Only Ones Warranted to Have Claws

While it is recommended that you skip nail polish once in a while, there is zero excuse for not trimming toenails.

A good nail technician will never cut them deep enough to dig into the sides of your toe. He will clip them short and straight across. 

Avoid nail biting or chewing off the skin next to them. That seems odd but some people do it. 

Only Allow Professionals to Touch Your Nails Other Than You

You deserve a salon that is well kept and licensed by the state. Never settle. If you can’t bring your own sterilized tools, make sure the ones they are using are sterilized after each use and before each new client. Again looking if they are licensed will save you a lot of time checking for cleanliness.

Get Rid of Fungus and Prevent it From Coming Back

If you’ve had toenail fungus before, 

Use an antifungal cream to prevent it from coming back. Rub a prescription product on your nails, all through the bottom of your feet twice a week.

If You You Wish to Keep Your Old Shoes for Sentimental Reasons, Make Sure You Don’t Wear Them

Sometimes, you need to throw away old shoes and slippers because they are a breeding ground for fungus, it can live in them. It is recommended that you use anti-fungal spray on your shoes before you slip your feet on them and never share shoes or socks with other people.

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