How to Breathe Life Back Into Your Bleached Hair

How to Breathe Life Back Into Your Bleached Hair

A lot of women are have started to make bold choices on their hairstyles these last few years. Just check Fantastic Sams and you can see that hair colors in particular have gotten crazier and funkier. If you have dark hair and have tried bleaching it to get lighter shades, you’re not alone. However, while it may look great on you, it does have its share of challenges.

Bleached hair gets damaged easily. Over time your hair will become brittle and dry. Bleaching uses harsh chemicals which can be bad for the hair. If you have bleached hair, it’s important to understand that your hair requires extra care and nourishment.

The following are tips to help bring back your bleached hair to life:

1. Use hair products specially formulated for colored/bleached hair.

Products specially designed for colored or bleached hair help prevent the color from fading. Bleached hair has a different set of requirements compared to natural hair so you have to be particular about the products you use. Go for products that neutralize brassy tones and be sure to use products that give added moisture to keep your hair from drying.

2. Alternate color safe products with hair repair products.

To give your hair badly needed hydration consider alternating color-safe products like shampoo and conditioner with hair products designed for repair. Restore moisture on your scalp and hair so it recovers from the damaging effects of bleaching with deep-nourishing products that will reinforce the hair’s protective barrier, as it restores and protects from further damage.

3. Condition, condition, condition!

Here’s the thing – bleaching the hair makes it extra dry and brittle. That is why it needs to be moisturized. Be sure to upgrade your hair care routine by adding a weekly deep conditioning treatment to strengthen your tresses, nourish the strands and improve the elasticity of your hair.

4. Avoid heat styling tools.

Remember that your bleached hair is already damaged – it’s fragile and weak. Exposing it to high temperatures will cause even more damage. If you can, don’t use heat tools. Don’t use a hair dryer and instead towel dry your hair. There are also heatless styling techniques you can opt for.

5. Trim your hair every 3 months.

Schedule a regular visit to Great Clips so your hair’s split ends and tangles can be removed. Not only will it keep your hair healthy, it will also boost hair growth.

6. Invest in moisturizing hair products.

When you use bleach on your hair it leads to dryness. You need products to keep it as moisturized as possible. You can use hair masks and should you use styling products try to go for those that are hydrating.

7. Don’t wash your hair frequently.

We all love to keep our hair smooth and soft which is why we like to shampoo it often. But you shouldn’t do this as shampooing will only cause more dryness. Wash your bleached hair no more than 3x a week.

8. Get a hair spa.

A lot of women get a hair treatment 1-2x a month but if you’re on a budget, you can get a hair spa at home. Basically, you can buy keratin treatments and apply on your hair once a week. Not only will it keep it healthy and strong, but will also help keep your bleached hair moisturized and shiny.

Here’s how to do a hair spa at home

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