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Great Updos for Your Long Beautiful Locks

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Having long hair is so much advantageous than having it short. For the most obvious reason, it will only take you a few minutes to shorten long hair while it will take you months and years to lengthen short hair.

And still, you have two options ion making your long hair appear short; you can either cut it or create a variety of updos that best fits any occasion or mood.

While you can create your own updo invention, there are updos that are trending at the moment. Here are five of the most popular updos that are gracing the red carpet.

1. Cinnamon Curls

Make men’s heads turn with this bouffant hairdo with low swirled curls.

  • Prepare your dry hair with a light texturing spray
  • Part you hair horizontally from ear to ear across the back of the head
  • Pin the top section
  • Gather hair in the lower section into a low ponytail
  • Split the pony tail into smaller sections
  • Take the smaller strands and loop and pin into place as desired
  • Continue looping all the strands in the lower section
  • Backcomb the base interior of the top section
  • Create a deep side part and sweep hair over to the left side
  • Keep the surface area smooth
  • Sweep hair back and loop strands through the design
  • Curl any ends, then tuck and pin into place.
  • Set this style with a light hold hairspray

2. Blonde Twist

A low braid begins in the nape and sweeps up and around to create this soft updo.

  • Prepare dry hair with a leave-in treatment
  • Create a soft side parting and begin braiding in the nape
  • Start braiding from the right side of the nape moving slowly to the left side as you work your way up the head
  • Incorporate hair into your braid as you would for a French braid
  • Finish off your braid as your reach the back crown area
  • Take the crown layers and tuck and wrap them around the braid ends
  • Move to the sides and weave and tuck small strands through the hair design
  • Style the fringe down with a few face framing layers around the face
  • Set this style with a light hold hairspray

3. Strawberry Swirl

This is a simple low side bun and a gentle twist of the fringe that brings simple elegance to a refined look.

  • Prepare damp hair with a light thermal protectant or leave-in cream
  • Blow dry hair with a Denman or paddle brush for a low volume look
  • Create a deep side part and section off the fringe
  • Sweep hair to one side and tie into a low ponytail
  • Twist hair completely then fold back against the head
  • Gently tug on strands for light separation and pin into place for a floral design
  • Take the fringe section and smooth
  • Take a smaller section to twist and wrap around the larger fringe strand
  • Secure with a bobby pin
  • Tuck the ends of the fringe section into the floral bun
  • Set this style with a light hold hairspray

4. Fish-Tailed Updo

This is a neat twist with a dual textured updo

  • Prepare dry hair with a light hold flexible hairspray
  • Smooth the crown layers and side back
  • Begin in the back crown area and begin forming a fishtail braid
  • Continue your braid by incorporating hair into the braid as you work your way down the head
  • Secure the braid against the head using a few bobby pins
  • Leave some tendrils falling softly around the face
  • Set this style with a light hold hairspray

5. Island Tendrils

This is the best updo for the tropical getaways.

  • Prepare damp hair with a curl enhancing lotion
  • Begin by separating the fringe and sides and pin away for now
  • Backcomb the crown area slightly, then divide from ear to ear
  • Take this section, loosely twist/wrap it, then secure against the head using bobby pins
  • Take another small section at the back of the head and repeat the same process of twisting hair then securing with bobby pin
  • Take the hair in the lower nape area and twist your curls so they hang slightly. Secure with bobby pins
  • Move to the fringe and side areas and create small curls using a small to medium barrel curling iron from the mid-lengths down to the ends
  • Sweep the crown layers back into the hair design and pin them into the design
  • Leave some tendrils loose and falling along the face frame
  • Set this style with a light hold hairspray

You can use these trending updos as the foundation of your personal creations. Who knows, you might be starting your own trend soon.

Try these five great updos plus your own creations and take a “selfie” so that the next time the idea of cutting your hair short pops up in your head, you can refer to this article and see how much you can do with long beautiful locks.

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