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Excellent Habits That You Should Practice to Have Amazing Nails

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If only you could visit the nail salon every so often, maintaining beautiful nails will not be a problem. However, that may not be possible because of time and budget constraints. It is a good thing that you can still achieve amazing nails and maintain them, even without professional help. Just make sure that you follow some of the tips below and make most of them a habit.

  • Always keep your hands clean. It is important that before you do anything to your nails, make sure that they, as well as the skin around them are clean and free from any form of dirt. Remove any trace of nail polish with an acetone-free remover because acetone dries the nails unnecessarily. You can also use a toothbrush and liquid soap to gently scrub your nails and surrounding skin. It can not only clean your nails, it can also exfoliate dead skin without using any harsh chemicals or pricey scrubs.
  • Be gentle with your nails. It is important to keep them clean, but make sure that you do not scrub them too much. Your nails are delicate and hurting them can expose you to infection. Also, do not use metal tools especially under the nails because too much cleaning and digging can cause the nail plate to separate from the skin. When that happens, it can lead to an irregular white arching nail tip.
  • Trim your nails regularly and value health over length. Long nails may make your fingers look slender and more beautiful, but for health reasons, make sure that you clip them every two weeks. Trimming is even more important if you have experienced nail snags and breakage in the past.

Shorter nails with rounded edge also look neater and are more manageable. Just keep them in uniform shape so that you will surely not miss the added length.

  • Do not cut your cuticles. The primary function of cuticles is to seal the area at the base of the nails so when you cut it, the seal of protection also gets broken. As a result, you will be vulnerable to bacteria and will have a greater risk of acquiring infection.
  • Always moisturize your nails and hands. You can use a mixture of almond and avocado oils to keep your nails hydrated. If you do not have any, you can also use any oil that is rich in nutrients or simply, just a dab of lip balm.
  • Take care of your tools. Make it a habit to disinfect your nail tools between uses to get rid of any bacteria that they may have. Metal tools should be washed with soap and water, and then wiped with alcohol after. Disposable tools such as emery boards should also be replaced regularly.
  • Always use a base coat and a top coat. If you paint your own nails, do not skip the base coat because it helps protect your nails from stains. The base coat also helps give a more saturated and opaque color, even with just one coat. The top coat is equally important because it seals in the color of the polish and adds a gloss finish.
  • Avoid using acrylic and gel treatments all the time because they are very hard on the nails. The UV light exposure during a gel manicure can also be harmful to the skin below and around the nails. You can help reduce the risk by applying a sunscreen before the procedure or wearing special gloves that only expose the nails.
  • Use protection when your hands may be exposed with harsh chemicals. Wearing gloves with cotton liners can help protect your hair whenever you do activities such as cleaning with chemicals, gardening, or basically anything that can expose your skin and nails.

Be mindful of your diet. You can also improve the health and appearance of your nails by tweaking your diet and eating healthier. Try taking vitamins and supplements such as biotin, Vitamin E, and fish oil and eat foods rich in protein, such as beans, fish, and nuts.

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