DIY Bikini Line Waxing Guide

DIY Bikini Line Waxing Guide

Do you want to learn how to wax your bikini line? Perhaps you find going to a waxing salon every couple of weeks too expensive. Or you feel embarrassed about having someone doing it for you at Pretty Kitty. Whatever your reason, you can nail an at-home bikini line wax with a patient of know-how and practice.

1. Before anything else, make sure your pubic hair is at the correct length.

If the hair is too short or too long, it’s going to be a problem. If the hair is too short, the wax won’t be able to grip it. If it’s too long, the strands will break instead of getting the roots pulled out. The correct length for waxing is ¼ of an inch.

2. You need to use the right product.

Cold wax strips are great for leg hair but not for pubic hair. You need a hot wax kit as it is able to get a better grip on the hair and remove from the follicle.

3. Clean the hair for better grip and a less painful wax.

Clean pubic hair gives the wax better grip. To clean the area, use mild soap in the shower. Towel dry completely before applying wax.

4. If you plan on waxing yourself on a regular basis, invest in a wax warmer.

A wax warmer will keep the wax temperature consistent, so you don’t end up burning yourself.

5. Read and understand the heating instructions, and follow it to a T.

The product’s instructions should include not warming your wax in a pot or bowl of hot water. It’ll be very inconvenient if you do this, not to mention, dangerous.

6. Wax in sections.

First you need to get yourself in the proper position to wax your bikini line. Stand up and place one leg on the edge of a steady chair or your bath tub. It’ll be better if you have a standing mirror. You can also sit down if you find this to be more comfortable.

Now wax the area in sections instead of smearing wax all over. Start with your inner thighs and layer the wax thick enough that the skin is no longer visible underneath. Keep the dimensions to 3 inches long and 1 inch wide.

7. Know when to pull off the wax.

You need to let the wax sit for half a minute or until it’s hard to touch then pull it off. Then holding your skin, pull in the direction of hair growth. You will feel pain when you do this so brace yourself and focus on your breathing.

8. Remove any left over wax using warm massage oil or olive oil.

You may also remove leftover wax with a hot compress. Don’t rub as this could cause skin irritation.

9. Don’t sweat it out or wear tight fitting clothes for 24 hours.

You need to wait a day or two as freshy waxed skin could be delicate, the pores are still open and so it will be prone to infection. You may have to miss a day of workout to be safe.

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