Are Hair Vitamins Really Worth the Money?

It’s no secret that having beautiful, lustrous hair requires a good amount of work. You have to properly care for your tresses, eat the right stuff, avoid stress, and pray to the heavens for it. For most of us, shiny, healthy locks aren’t handed on a silver platter.

Among the many different products that promise luscious tresses, one of the items that are gaining lots of traction today is hair pills. Celebrities endorse them, social media influencers of various tiers and calibers post about them nonstop. It’s also highly likely that someone you know from high school or regularly see at Fantastic Sam’s promotes one, too. If you’re always looking at hair-related news and articles and you don’t use an ad-blocker on your computer, there’s a good chance that you’ve already been bombarded with their ads. In short, they’re hard to miss so they tend to pique the curiosity of many.

Categorized as hair growth supplements and vitamins, these products aren’t exactly novel. They’ve been around for decades, it’s just that, they’re been repackaged to look more like a beauty product nowadays instead of a quasi-medicinal item.

With this revamp, they were able to grab the attention of many. They’ve become more social-media friendly and lots of celebrities already found them in line with their branding, so they were able to have a wider reach with their new partnerships.

The Promise

What exactly do they promise to do? As hair growth supplements, they promise to help you in growing a thicker and healthier head of hair. Thinning hair is one of the most common struggles when it comes to hair care and when addressing this, everything else can easily follow.

By helping you grow more hair, they also promise that the new strands that will be added will be healthier, stronger, and in better shape. Of course, the ones you already have will also be nourished better, ensuring that their quality will improve, too. In turn, they generally promise a more gorgeous mane for you.

Their promise is easily backed up by a long list of ingredients and explanations as to how the said products are beneficial for your hair. Most of them present information nicely so they can be very convincing. As they also highlight their use of natural ingredients, they also tend to feel more attractive to lots of people who are trying to live more healthily.

If you’ll look at these products, their appeal greatly lies in how multifunctional they are. The promise that by just taking these supplements regularly, you can already boost your nutrient consumption while you improve the quality of your tresses. It’s a win-win situation, basically.

Do They Work?

Honestly, it’s very easy to see the appeal of hair vitamins and supplements. Achieving a silky smooth and healthy mane isn’t easy. But with such products, it certainly seems like you can do something that won’t require a lot from you and you can get great results. It’s just a simple addition to your routine that can do so much for your hair.

If you’re interested in them, it’s best to know whether they really work or not. According to experts, it depends on the product.

Nourishing the hair through your diet isn’t impossible as certain nutrients can really benefit your mane. This is why experts don’t entirely write off hair supplements and vitamins. It’s just a matter of knowing which products contain the best ingredients to address your hair woes.

While you will find conflicting expert opinions on this matter, it makes sense that ensuring that you get certain nutrients into your system can help you target improvements on your body. Besides, not everyone gets to enjoy a balanced diet and gets to consume the recommended dietary requirements, so taking a supplement could be helpful.

If you want to make sure that the hair vitamins or supplement you’ll get will work, look for the following ingredients:


This type of vitamin B is better established to be helpful in nail growth but since nails and hair are pretty much made of the same proteins, so experts are convinced that it’s also useful for your locks. Make sure that the supplement will give you 2,500 to 5,000 micrograms of it per day, though, to ensure that you’ll get enough to see a difference in your mane.


This protein can help keep your hair and skin cells’ elasticity so it contributes greatly to one’s youthful and healthy glow. While there are still debates on whether consuming collagen is really helpful, some experts are convinced that additional protein will be beneficial to many.


This ingredient helps balance out cortisol, the stress hormone. Since this is the most common cause of hair loss, such an ingredient can help mitigate the negative effects of the body’s response to negative situations.

Should You Give Hair Vitamins a Try?

If you think you have certain deficiencies and you need a boost of the nutrients that help hair growth, then the right hair growth supplements may prove to be beneficial for you. Be careful in choosing, however, as not all of them are made equally.

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