9 Physical and Mental Health Benefits of a Massage

9 Physical and Mental Health Benefits of a Massage

Since the old times, massage has always been perceived as a powerful natural therapy that offers physical and mental health benefits. This is probably why many people frequent spas like Massage Luxe. Here is a list of scientifically backed information on how getting a massage can positively impact your mind and body.

1. Massage Lowers Stress Levels

Getting a massage enhances relaxation. We all know this. But what you probably didn’t know is that it lowers stress hormones by easing the fight or flight response, as well as increasing the level of feel good compounds like endorphins, dopamine and serotonin.

2. Massage Improves Sleep

If you constantly suffer from insomnia, a massage may be able to help. Acupressure, which is a type of Chinese therapy uses a combination of acupuncture and reflexology, which has been found to dramatically help people sleep better.

3. Massage Aids in Pain Management

According to the Harvard Medical School, massage is a ‘legitimate therapy’ for people suffering from conditions that cause physical pain. One study on 46 adults suffering from hand pain, which was published in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice found that 4 weekly massage sessions along with self-massage (for the hand) had less hand pain and less anxiety.

4. Massage Improves Immune Function

Lots of research have shown that getting a massage regularly can help boost our immune system, increase blood flow and eliminate toxins from our body. A group of researchers from LA’s Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre found that even 45 minutes of massage can boost the production of white blood cells and lower cytokines levels.

5. Massage Helps Manage Depression and Anxiety

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health had previously conducted a study which showed that massage helps ease depression. In a separate study published in International Journal of Neuroscience it was found that female participants who were diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a massage thrice a week were less angry and depressed.

6. Massage Prevents Headaches

Massage therapy has been found to be an effective pain management option for those who often suffer from migraines and headaches. A randomized controlled trial revealed that people who had two 30-minute massage treatments for a period of 5 weeks had substantially fewer migraine attacks.

7. Massage Lowers Blood Pressure

If you suffer from high blood pressure (hypertension), this may be welcome news. A few studies have found that a massage relaxes the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for our body’s response to stressful and dangerous situations, causing our blood pressure level to rise.

One research, in particular, which was published in the International Journal of Neuroscience, studied 48 women going through menopause. These women were required to get 30-minute massages every week for 2 months. After the end of the 2-month period, it was found that their blood pressure levels were much lower compared to when they first started with the program.

8. Massage Improves Blood Circulation

Your blood circulation plays a crucial role in your overall health. It keeps the heart functioning properly, pumping blood to deliver nutrients and oxygen to your cells. It also removes toxins and waste in your organs. University of Illinois researchers found that massage therapy improves general blood flow.

9. Massage Increases Range of Motion

Tight and tense muscles can prevent your muscles from moving as they should. It constrains the muscles, creating knots and causing difficulty of movement. During a massage, the muscles are stretched and relaxed, enabling better flexibility. Here are the benefits of massage therapy:

The Benefits of Massage

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