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Hair Services

Haircuts Include Shampoo, Head & Neck Massage And Hot Towel Treatment

Pro-Cut $18.00
Semi-Pro (18 Years Old and Under) $15.00
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About Pro-Cuts

Fancy a new haircut? Pro-cuts salon is the go-to hair care grooming station for men especially sports enthusiasts. Guys are in for a great experience particularly if you simply like watching good sports match while getting a haircut. But Pro-cuts is not just exclusively for men either, they also offer beauty and hair treatments for women, those who want to go for a savvy cut or new round of highlights.

Grooming Grown Men

Men’s hair in general can grow pretty fast and unruly, and Pro-cuts should be part of any guy’s monthly hair routine. They can do the standard Barber-type side and top trims you are used to or if you’re looking to try something new, or simply needing a change in style, you can consult with their professional stylist for a more relaxed option for a haircut- something that suits your style and personal taste.

Who says only girls can have a fun time out? Pro-Cuts is all about maximizing bro time. Let’s be honest: Guys need to chill out in their man caves once in a while, but they also need to hang out with their bros and why not get some haircuts together while enjoying a game particularly at your very own styling station where you get your very own remote. Best of all, Pro-cuts’ stylists specialize in no-fuss men’s haircuts geared to a guy’s active lifestyle.

Even Guys Get Bad Hair Days

One can easily blame bad hair days on the weather, shampoos, and hair color dyes. So it’s also great to follow up on possible hair treatments with a Pro-cuts stylist. You don’t need to be coy about your hair dilemma if you’re a guy, at this day and age, it pays to be meticulous about personal grooming, and in fact they have specific hair treatments for men’s hair, formulated to treat coarse, curly, straight or frizzy hair.

Choosing the Right Hair Product

If you go through your day with your hair a mussed up mess, it’s about time to tame than disheveled hair. A Pro-cuts stylist can check the texture of your hair and recommend a suitable hair product to achieve the definition and volume of your new haircut. There are a variety of hair products out there that range from hair gels, hair sprays, pomades, mousse, and waxes. Don’t be intimidated by them. You can ask your stylist what hair product can fit your lifestyle. What’s appropriate for occasional or everyday wear without damaging your hair in the long-term.

Also with trying out a new hair care product, your stylist can teach you a few quick tricks on how to go about proper product application, how to quickly apply certain products and not ending up with a greasy mess. The trick is to look well put together, with a hairstyle that is both rugged and suave, yet not too oiled up on product.

Achieving proper definition will leave your face with a stronger shape reliably contoured by the haircut. These are more noticeable with hairstyles that have reasonable length at the top, but neatly trimmed at the sides usually by razor.

Pro-Cuts Services

A standard haircut starts at $18 while if you bring in your little boys, you let them have a Semi-Pro haircut for $15. They also have specials such as The Extra Point where you get the complete treatment, a hair cut that starts with a shampoo, a soothing head and neck massage plus a hot towel treatment. You can expect a Pro-Cuts stylist to polish your look with a little good grooming with every cut such as taming unruly eyebrows and random strays of hair.

Why Try Pro-Cuts?

Men and women who go to Pro-cuts swear by the great hair care experience. So, why not step up your hairstyle with affordable salon treatments that don’t break the bank. Here’s what loyal customers have to say about Pro-Cuts:

My wife brought me back, because she loved my Pro-cuts look.

Nothing gets their sweethearts swooning than a sleek or tousled look. A new hairstyle can really get the ladies excited. And to win your wife’s approval? Well, that’s something worth your effort.

I kept my head in the game while I got an old school style shave. The free shampoo and the relaxing hot towel were a bonus. Plus they did a great job with my haircut.

Unlike most women, men are not too keen about sitting down just to get preen and polished for hours. But once you put sports into the picture, you can be sure they’ll stay for hours and even enjoy the all the relaxing salon treatments.

I needed a quick, decent look in time for a job interview and they did an amazing work, they gave me a haircut that was clean as it was edgy.

As long as you let your Pro-Cuts stylist know of your needs, that you are pressed for time, they can respond by delivering a great haircut with a sense of urgency. They can turnaround a new look for you that will certainly impress potential employers.

Every now and then, be ready and just be up for a change, a new look can go a long way in improving your overall appearance. Take time for yourself, and try Pro-Cuts.

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