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Erections During a Massage Are Awkward But Easy to Resolve

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The penis has a mind of its own and it’s a fact that men who have ever experienced morning wood – and that’s all healthy men – will agree with. For this reason, the occurrence of erections during a therapeutic, non-sexual body massage isn’t as uncommon as you may think. So, in a way, there’s little to be embarrassed about them, when they happen to you, although these will make for awkward moments.

Keep in mind, too, that an erection doesn’t necessarily mean physical or emotional desire. The parasympathetic nervous system can be stimulated by touch resulting in either a partial or a complete erection. The soothing touch of a massage therapist over your body, especially on the erogenous zones, will have a more arousing effect than, say, the comforting pats on the back of your friend.

The bottom line: You and your massage therapist should expect some form of arousal to happen on your part. You can agree on certain steps to diffuse the awkward situation and continue the therapeutic massage. Here are a few tips to get you started on the right foot.

Be Sensitive to Cues

Even when your therapist isn’t saying anything about your erection, usually because you’re face down on the bed and your erection isn’t easily seen, you should be sensitive to the cues. Your therapist may exhibit telltale behaviors like:

  • Intermittent massaging actions where there were smooth movements before
  • Avoidance of your erogenous zones – yes, an experienced therapist can quickly observe your reactions to his or her touch – even when these aren’t anywhere near your genitals

You don’t even have to wait for these telltale signs from your therapist. If your erection isn’t going anywhere – it’s growing instead – then you can be sure that your therapist will notice it, like it or not.

Take a Break

There’s nothing wrong about asking for a break from the massage when you become uncomfortable with a growing erection or you observe discomfort on the part of your therapist. You will, in fact, be appreciate for your thoughtfulness, especially if your therapist doesn’t want to accuse you of malicious intent where there’s none.

You and your therapist can take a break for five minutes or until your erection completely subsides, whichever comes first. You shouldn’t come back into a session with an erection since it can become stronger with more touch, especially when the last place of massage was in or near your erogenous zones (e.g., inner thigh).

And never ever attempt to pleasure yourself just to get your erection under control, not even when your therapist has exited the room. You have to be respectful of other people’s feelings and pleasuring yourself in a public place isn’t exactly respectful.

Communicate Better

You and your therapist can take a few minutes to discuss your erection in a professional, matter-of-fact way. You should use respectful and fact-based words instead of beating around the bush or using salacious euphemisms, both of which may worsen the awkwardness.

You will find that matter-of-fact sentences like, “I have an erection. I’m sorry but I can’t control it. Can we take a break first?” will be positively received. Your therapist likely has several experiences with male clients who have experienced an erection at some point during the massage. Your attitude, however, will make the difference between your therapist being respected and insulted.

Your experienced therapist will also be professional in handling the awkward situation.  Here are a few things that you can expect from your therapist.

  • Describe your behavior including your physical reactions in a clear yet concise way. You may, for example, be tightening or tensing your muscles when your therapist passes over a certain area.
  • Clarify your intentions. Your therapist may ask you about what’s happening and what’s your experiences in the moment, ostensibly to determine whether your erection is an automatic response or is due to malicious intent. You should be as straightforward as possible but avoid making comments that can be construed as disrespectful.
  • Educate you about erections, massage-wise. Your therapist may reassure you that erections are natural and normal during a massage. You don’t have to be so embarrassed about them for as long as you did your part in diffusing the awkwardness.

Based on your interaction, your therapist has the option of discontinuing the massage and reporting the incident to his or her superiors. You may be a valued client but with continued disrespectful behavior, you may not be allowed entry to any of the massage spa’s location. You should also beware that with social media, your obnoxious behavior may well live online forever!

In the end, mutual respect is a must between the client and the therapist, even when bodily functions like erections happen. Communication is key to establishing a professional relationship between the two parties and it can start before you strip down to your undies and lie down on the massage table.

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