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Dealing with Erections During a Manzilian

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Getting an erection during a manzilian isn’t a crime although it can be the source of embarrassment, mostly for the client. Why does it happen? What can you, the client, do about it? What can you do to prevent it, if you can?

Let’s take a brief look at the answers to these questions. You will find that these answers will be useful during your first time undergoing either a bikini wax or a full Brazilian wax (i.e., manzilian). You may not want an erection but it happens but it shouldn’t be the end of the road for your Ministry of Waxing visits. 

A Physical Reaction

Keep in mind that not all penile erections are the result of a sexual arousal, and it’s an important fact to remember when you’re on the waxing table. The best example of a non-sexual erection is the so-called morning wood, an erection that occurs during sleep and in the morning.  Both boys and men occasionally have it due to three factors:

  • Physical stimulation, such as when you or somebody else accidentally grazes your penis. Your brain senses the stimulation and reacts to it even when there’s no sexual component to it. 
  • Changes in testosterone levels can also cause morning wood. In the morning, your testosterone levels are at their highest resulting in an erection – and again, it isn’t due to sexual arousal per se.
  • Brain and body relaxation during sleep can also cause morning wood. Basically, when you’re awake, your body releases erection-suppressing hormones. But when you’re asleep, your body doesn’t release as much of these hormones and, thus, you can get erections. 

The point here is that you shouldn’t be embarrassed if you have an erection during a waxing session! The aesthetician will likely graze your penis at several points during the procedure, your penis automatically reacts to it, and you have an erection. The physical stimulation is to blame, especially when you consider the adage that the penis has a brain of its own!

There are also other possible reasons for an erection during a waxing session. You may be nervous, anxious, or perhaps fearful about the procedure, a normal thing when it’s your first time.

A Day in the Life

While it’s an embarrassing incidence, getting an erection during a manzilian is just another day in the life of a waxing aesthetician. It happens and happens more times than you can imagine.

But don’t worry too much about it, unless you’re really getting turned on by the process. But after a few pull of the waxing strip, your erection will be gone with the hair, especially when it’s your balls being waxed.

Just stay as relaxed as you can be. You may also simply apologize to the aesthetician, if you’re new to each other, and get on with the job at hand, pun not intended. Your aesthetician will even say, “Don’t worry about it” or “No worries” and continue with the job as if nothing’s happened.

What if the erection persists far longer than you anticipated? You can ask the aesthetician for a break so that you can get your erection under control.

And when we say “getting it under control”, we mean breathing deeply so that your body becomes more relaxed and so will your erection. You can walk around a bit, if you’re comfortable parading around in your birthday suit, but deep breathing while lying on the waxing table should do the trick.

You should also avoid making sex jokes, penis euphemisms and even making lewd suggestions to the aestheticians since you will only make matters worse. You may even have a black mark in the waxing salon because such behavior borders on sexual harassment.

Just say, “I’m sorry. But can we take a break first until I have it under control?” Keeping it simple will lessen the tension in the room and in your body.  You can take a minute or two, if you want, although you may want to ask the aesthetician about it, too. 

Will waxing hurt if you have an erection? No, but the aesthetician should have good skills and steady hands to keep the skin nice and tight. But if you have low pain tolerance, you may say that it hurts more with an erection than with a flaccid penis – and your opinion will be respected. 

When it comes to waxing your balls, you have be more involved in the procedure. The skin on your balls is so thin that it has to be pulled as tight as possible to reduce the pain from waxing. You will be asked to hold your penis in such a way that the skin on your balls will be pulled tautly – and that can also cause an erection. 

But don’t worry too much about the pain when hair’s being pulled from your balls. Your aesthetician will be extra-gentle on this area by using light pressure and cradling your balls during the procedure. 

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