Best Perfume for Women in 2019

Perfumes aren’t just about the pleasant scents that these create. These are also about creating memories for the wearer and the people around her, about making a woman feel alluring, and about creating mystique about a woman. Indeed, perfumes should be part of a modern woman’s beauty routine!

But there are many reasons to wear perfume as there are many reasons not to. But between the two options, we suggest wearing perfume but be sure to choose the right one for your needs, as well as to use it properly.  You will find that having a signature scent will make you more memorable, especially when you use it as part of your personal fashion statement.

Many women who refuse to wear perfume worry that it may become a source of social faux pas, such as when others become offended by it. In this case, the fault will likely not lie in the perfume itself but in its improper wear.

According to perfume experts, the best way to use perfume is to spray it sparingly so that it can only be detected by another person within an arm’s length only. Neither should it precede the wearer into the room nor should it interfere with another person’s sense of smell – and, thus, the less is more mantra. Besides, it’s better to reapply perfume in the middle of the day than to continue assailing your neighbor’s olfactory space.

Women looking for the best perfumes should also know the basics about perfume notes.  Basically, these are the ingredients that make up a specific perfume that, in turn, are detected by the nose. These can range from natural floral and fruity scents to synthetic scents created in the laboratory.

With modern technology, virtually every scent can be created and bottled – baby powder, cotton candy, and herbs, among others. There’s no limit to the quantity of notes that can be combined in a perfume but the simplest perfumes typically have three perfume notes – the top note, the heart note, and the base note. The unique profile of each of these notes create the unique property of the perfume.

The top notes are the first scents, or notes, you smell on a perfume so these become your first impression of it. Most perfumes use fresh fruity scents that burst on your skin with the first spray; the notes fade within 10-15 minutes after spraying. The popular top notes include orange, grapefruit, and lemon.

The heart notes, or middle notes, assert themselves once the top notes fade. These are usually floral full-bodied notes so these are longer-lasting than the top notes yet less so than the base notes. Think of them as the core notes so these are stronger yet still pleasurable on the nose. The popular heart notes are rosemary, lavender, geranium, and juniper.

The base notes, or bottom notes, are the remaining notes after the heart notes have faded away. In many ways, these are the scents that people will remember about the perfume so the notes with the longest-lasting capacity are usually chosen. These include sandalwood, vanilla, jasmine, cedarwood, and patchouli.

For people who buy their perfumes online and thus, doesn’t have the opportunity to try out the scents on their skin, it’s always best to read the reviews. Here are 20 of the best women’s perfumes for 2019 with their notes, among other information.

Below are the 20 best perfumes for women in 2019:

#1 Chloe New By Chloe

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Launched in 2008, Chloe New by Chloe was created by Michel Almairac and Amandine Marie while its simple yet sophisticated bottle was designed by Patrick Veillet. Keep in mind that Chloe as a brand is known for its feminine approach toward its clothes, bags and accessories and Chloe New isn’t different.

According to Chloe, the top notes are freesia, lychee, and peony; the heart notes are rose, magnolia, and muguet; and the base notes are amber and cedar. The combination makes Chloe New a favorite among women who have a young spirit, perhaps a carefree one, as well as among women looking for a lighthearted day perfume. This is a crowd pleaser, indeed, and it isn’t because it’s affordable – it’s just simply good, and it’s a good thing, too, when you’re looking for a less complex fragrance.

The opening whiff is, surprisingly, soap with a succulent fruit note; it’s the lychee scent. The rose note is sharp, bright and with a slightly honeyed aspect to it that immediately appeals to the senses. The sharpness (i.e., full of acid) complements the nearly metallic edge in the top note, too, especially since the sweetness can be too much after a while. The green-herbal character also prevents the fragrance from being too flowery.

Think of Chloe New as a good wine: Its sharp acidity, sweet floral, and herbal accords make for near-perfection in a fragrance. Such quality makes it an appropriate perfume for nearly every age, from 16 to 60, even beyond. Its tartness also lingers well into the dry-down, an uncommon thing in perfumes with bright and tangy top notes.

During its launch, Chloe New was marketed as a perfume for young, carefree and blonde women with minimal makeup – and they didn’t need all that makeup anyway, not with their flawless skin. Chloe’s message was clear then as it is now: Chloe New is a fragrance that evokes natural, timeless and ageless beauty.

Keep in mind that Chloe New has a clear-cut floral scent characterized by rose at its head and heart. The juiciness and crispiness of the rose note are enhanced by freesia, peony and lychee, so much so that you may want to eat it. Then, the scent becomes more powdery and less sweet so it encourages feelings of reassurance; too sweet and it becomes cloying.

Near its dry-down, the perfume again takes on a soapy note, a fresh-from-the-shower whiff akin to using rose-scented soap but with a more subtle feel. The pure scent is part of its appeal for most women, especially those looking for innocent simplicity in a fragrance.

The soft floral notes with rose as the dominant aspect is offset by the warm intimacy of the musk and cedar. There’s a certain calming quality about it that also speaks of femininity, romance, and warm sunshine, almost like dancing on a green meadow filled with beautiful flowers. Many users even say that the fragrance is similar to a fresh vase of roses, peonies and freesias after the rain on a spring day, and it does!

The bottle itself is neither too girly nor too womanly with its soft rounded curve and dainty ribbon. It’s the kind of bottle that teens and their mothers, perhaps even their grandmothers, can display on their vanity tables without feeling too dated or too young.


  • Feminine scent suitable for women 16 to 60 years old
  • Attractive bottle
  • Relatively long staying power


  • Scent may be familiar to many people (i.e., high popularity)
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#2 Bright Crystal by Versace

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The Versace brand is known for its sensuality, from the feel of soft, buttery leather on the fingers to the seductive smell of perfume on the pulse points. Bright Crystal by Versace, a fragrance released in 2006, is just as sensual as well as sheer, luminous, and summery. The attractive balance of floral and fruity with a musky undertone is the work of Alberto Morillas, a famous Spanish perfumer.

The notes chosen were inspired by Donatella Versace’s favorite floral fragrances, most of which have a refreshing quality. The top and heart notes included chilled yuzu and cool pomegranate, which were paired with the soothing scents of magnolia, peony, and lotus flower. The base notes are characterized by the warmth of musk and amber known for their longevity.

The fragrance opens with citrusy yuzu, a resonant top note balance by the bittersweet quality of the pomegranate and frosted accord. The sweet scent isn’t too sweet so its first impression isn’t cloying. Instead, it has a cool fruity blast that speaks of a young spirit, a chic fashion sense, and a fun attitude – and it isn’t a surprise then that it’s most suitable for women in their late teens until their mid-20s.

We have to say that while it can also be worn by older women, such as those in their early 30s, it isn’t a first choice among businesswomen and career women in the workplace. It’s a carefree scent for casual occasions, not for conservative places. It is, nonetheless, a great scent for romantic daytime dates, if you’re into these sort of things.

Emphasis must be made, too, that a few of the heart and base notes may not be detected on the skin, a normal occurrence since each person responds differently to a specific fragrance. In a few people, for example, the lotus flower (i.e., heart note) and cedar (i.e., base note) may not be detected on the skin.

The refreshingly clean, crisp and citrusy fragrance has a subtle quality about it, even when it’s sprayed in the air. The notes linger in the air as if a summer breeze has carried it into the room and then let it stay there for a minute or two. Then, it leaves behind a refreshing scent that evokes an orchard in full bloom or a summer’s day at the beach.

Such is its subtle smell, too, that no matter how many times you spray it, you will likely not find it too sweet or too cloying. Just don’t do overdo it either because there’s a thin line between tolerable and cruel where it comes to perfume.

Many users also mistakenly identify the pomegranate note as peach, and it’s understandable because the two notes have a closely similar quality. There’s even a subtle pepper note although it isn’t something that all users smell on the perfume – it’s there but it only gives a tiny kick.

For the dry-down, the fragrance has the warm notes of musk and amber. These are common base notes but combined with the yuzu, pomegranate, and peony, the fragrance is as unique as can be.

As for longevity and projection, Bright Crystal scores an average. Others can easily smell it at arm’s length and it lasts for more than a couple of hours.

The pink bottle appears elegant yet bold with its large black lettering. The jeweled cap may look pretty to others but many complain that it’s too big and it makes the bottle look tacky.


  • Refreshing floral scent with a hint of citrus
  • Balanced notes that don’t overpower the nose
  • Satisfactory projection


  • May not last as long as others
  • Somewhat tacky bottle
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#3 White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor

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Who doesn’t know Elizabeth Taylor, the icon? When White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor was launched by Parfums International in 1991, it was expected to perform well because of its association with the violet-eyed Hollywood Legend. More than 20 years later, it’s just as popular not because of the Hollywood connection but because it’s such a great perfume!

Created by Olivier Gillotin and Carlos Benaim, the fragrance was actually the second one produced in collaboration with Elizabeth Taylor; the first was Elizabeth Taylor Passion for Women was released in 1987. Its appeal largely lies in the careful choice of the notes in it – lily and verdi (i.e., greens in Italian) are the top notes; rose, jasmine, narcissus, and tuberose are the heart notes; and sandalwood and oak moss are the base notes.

The combination of the notes make it the bomb, so to speak. Women will literally follow you around to ask what you’re wearing while men will be drawn to you like bees to honey. It’s a fragrance that evokes confidence in being a smart, successful and beautiful woman without an ounce of arrogance, much like Elizabeth Taylor herself.

White Diamonds combine the best onscreen personas that Elizabeth Taylor also personified in her fruitful career. It combines the beauty of the ingénue in National Velvet and the passionate seductress in Butterfield 8, if these traits can be placed into a bottle of perfume. It’s then a perfume that can lift up your blue spirits and your sagging confidence because it just makes you feel – and smell – gorgeous.

When it was first launched, it was marketed for a wide range of women, from 16-year old girls to 55-year old women. But judging from its original print ads, which featured Kenny Rogers and Burt Reynolds in their youthful glory, it’s more suitable for women in their mid-20s and above. We have to say that it’s still true 20 years down the road.

The fragrance opens with a lovely rush of soft aldehydes that give way to a sweet, clean and crisp white floral mix. Think of a flower-filled meadow, notably lily, at the heels of an aldehyde storm and you get the first impression. The rich and dense floral bouquet can be intense but it isn’t too intense as to turn off the nose.

The tuberose and narcissus notes that follows the opening salvo gives the perfume a slightly flamboyant character, a sweet combo that can become cloying if it wasn’t followed by the patchouli and jasmine notes. There may even be a subtle note of ylang-ylang although it isn’t the stated notes.

The sweet intensity of the first burst settles down well so that the synthetic sensual scent nicely turns into a sophisticated and seductive floral scent. The fragrance may have a relatively strong aldehyde note, thus, the synthetic storm after first application but it has a minty quality to it, too.

Then, it fades into a woodsy amber base on heady patchouli, a combo that evokes a mysterious woman who may act like her life is an open book but has most of her inner self tightly guarded. The sandalwood note provides a steady structure with its mildly woody touch. The dry-down has an opulent powdery feel, too, just as it should for a great perfume.

The projection and silage are highly satisfactory. It’s a perfume with an impressive longevity, too –about four hours depending on the wearer and weather.

The bottom line: Choose White Diamonds if you’re looking for a mature, sensual and seductive perfume.


  • Classic perfume with contemporary appeal
  • Great longevity and projection
  • Sweet, fresh and clean scent


  • Small bottle
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#4 Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift has transformed from being a country music ingénue to a music superstar with multiple Grammys to her name, not to mention a worldwide fan base. But through the years, her fan base has consisted mostly of teenagers and young people in their mid-20s and mid-30s. Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift appears to be targeted mostly to the young crowd, from its feminine fruity and floral scent with a woody undertone to its whimsical bottle.

Launched in 2011, it’s still a popular perfume despite the influx of other celebrity-inspired perfumes from the likes of Britney Spears and Katy Perry. Created by Olivier Gillotin, its top notes consist of a sparkling combination of vibrant fruits – raspberry and dewberry – with the sweet floral scent coming from freesia and apple blossom. The green tea note prevents the top notes from being too feminine, thanks to its herbal bouquet.

The heart notes balance the floral scent of white hibiscus and honeysuckle while also enhanced by the beautifully subtle vanilla. The base notes of golden amber, musk and sandalwood make for a woody scent yet it’s made still feminine with a kiss of peach note.

The result is a soft and light, almost lighthearted, fragrance that gives its wearer the first impression – at least, scent-wise – of possessing a youthful personality – casual, carefree and chic without trying too hard. It may have a fiery spicy scent to it but it is there for the extra kick. Young women today aren’t just about the sugar but about the spice, too, just as Taylor Swift has shown during her career.

Like Swift, too, this is a fragrance that projects the image of being innocent yet worldly, youthful yet mature. Think of it as a perfume for young women who are still on the road to figuring out who they are yet have a basic idea of what they want in life. But it may not have the sophistication women in their 30s want in their perfume so be warned.

A few people also say that Wonderstruck comes on slightly strong on the first spray, and we aren’t surprised because of the fruity and floral top notes. But after a few seconds on the skin, the warmth of the notes pushes through and reveals the lovely clean scent. The spicy kick is welcome, too, because it lessens the sweetness of the top notes.

Once sprayed on the pulse points, Wonderstruck stays close to the skin, so to speak. You can still smell it on your skin for the next 3-4 hours after it was first applied, a satisfactory longevity in light perfumes.

But you may have to reapply it after 3 hours or so if you want other people within arm’s length to actually smell it. Just be careful about spraying one time too many because the fragrance has the tendency to be cloyingly sweet on a summer’s day.

The bright blue bottle will stand out on a dresser full of perfumes, if only for its eye-catching color. The gold-colored top has fine filigree that complements the charm bracelet around the bottle’s neck, a feminine touch that reinforce the fragrance’s feminine quality.  This isn’t a fragrance that will find its way to a tomboy’s dresser, if appearances are to be the basis for choosing.


  • Balanced floral and fruity scent
  • Light, carefree and casual image
  • Great packaging


  • May be too sweet for mature women
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#5 Sensuous by Estee Lauder

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Launched in 2008, Sensuous by Estee Lauder had the tag line. “Every Woman Wears It Her Way”. The main advertising then featured four famous women from different age groups, namely, Carolyn Murphy, Hilary Rhoda, Elizabeth Hurley, and Gwyneth Paltrow. Even its creator, Annie Buzantian, is a powerhouse in the perfume industry.

This isn’t your usual feminine fragrance, however, despite all appearances. Instead, it’s a reinvention of the concept of “feminine woods” as it was known at the time. It isn’t as solid and dark as the feminine woods fragrances but it’s still woodsy. It’s less ponderous, if you will, so it can be worn by women in their mid-20s until their mid-50s.

The top notes are ghost lily accord, jasmine and magnolia, a floral bouquet with a rather rich, sweet and syrupy quality to it. The heart notes are amber and molten woods, an appropriate choice considering that the fragrance was created with a wooden sculpture in mind. According to marketing materials released during its launch, Sensuous is the sensuality and sleekness of a fabulous wooden sculpture that has been melted until it was fluid and then poured into a bottle.

The base notes are honey, black pepper, and mandarin pulp. There’s a sweet and spice balance between the top and base notes that, in turn, is complemented by the woodsy scent of the heart notes. The apparent switch between the heart and base notes has produced a relatively unique perfume for women.

We can best describe it as being in the midst of honeyed amber woods. The earthy smell of wood is present but it doesn’t overpower the romantic scent of the jasmine, magnolia and ghost lily accord, not even the spice of the black pepper. Think of it as neither middling dark nor middling sweet.

We also like to say that it’s a stylized depiction of the experience of being in the woods during a spring day. You can’t say that it’s a particular kind of wood – or tree, for that matter – but it doesn’t smell of any specific kind of flower either. Call it atmospheric floralcy, as its manufacturer once called it, and you get the idea.

The great thing about Sensuous is its rapid calm rate. Of course, it isn’t a sheer perfume but it’s unexpectedly lighter from its opening. You will smell the same scent 20 minutes after you first sprayed it and it will remain so for the rest of the experience.

In other words, it has an excellent longevity that should last for nearly an entire day. Keep in mind, however, that your actual experience will be different because of your body’s unique chemical reactions. For most users, Sensuous can last well for several hours before a reapplication is necessary.

Many users also say that Sensuous wears well even during a hot summer’s day. Its great smell remains even with mild sweat on and it even lends itself well to layering. There are Sensuous Estee Lauder shower crème and body lotion for this purpose.

Yet another thing that makes Sensuous a great perfume is that its scent changes and changes for the better. Basically, it adjusts to your body’s heat and chemistry so that it doesn’t become boring, as well as softens and deepens as the day wears on. By doing so, it’s a great perfume to wear during the daytime when you are too busy to reapply perfume.


  • Sophisticated scent suitable for women of nearly all ages
  • Wears well throughout the day
  • Excellent longevity and projection


  • Average-looking bottle
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#6 Women’s Fantasy by Britney Spears

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Britney Spears has been, at one time, the object of fantasy of millions of girls and boys, men and women worldwide. Girls wanted to be like her – the pop superstar with the innocent face and the killer body and the killer moves – and women wanted to turn the clock to be like her. Boys and men fantasized about her being their girlfriend, as they are wont to do. Her star shone the brightest, as it still does today.

Thus, when Britney releases any product with her name and stamp on it, you can be sure that it will be lapped up by the girls and women! This is true for Women’s Fantasy by Britney Spears, the second fragrance released by the pop superstar under the Elizabeth Arden label.

The first, of course, was Curious, as different Fantasy as day is from night in terms of their notes profile. Curious evokes the bold, young and rebellious aspect of being a woman, one who took chances even at the risk of failure. Curiosity killed the cat but in its case, it remains a bestseller.

Fantasy, in contrast, appeals to women looking for a sexier, more sensual and more romantic perfume, a direction that Britney was taking at the time of its release. At that time, she was married and starting a family, thus, the elusive and seductive fragrance was intended to capture these traits in a bottle.

But even when its target market is women in the 18-30 age group, it’s surprisingly easy to wear for more mature women. The key here, as is the case for all perfumes, is to wear it with confidence and wear it well. Keep in mind, too, that it’s a fragrance with the tag line “A magic love potion of sweet temptation” so it may have sweet notes all throughout its wear, which may or may not be to your liking.

Created by Jim Krivda, Fantasy has mostly floral notes with a hint of citrus. The notes include red lychee, kiwi, golden quince, jasmine, cupcake accord, white chocolate orchid, jasmine, musk, orris root, and woods. Yes, the cupcake accord may be responsible for your feeling that it’s the kind of fragrance that may be good enough to eat.

The opening is a strong and sweet fruity smell, particularly tart fruits, which lasts for nanoseconds, so to speak. It’s just as well because too long and Fantasy won’t be a perfume women looking for seduction and sexiness will like.

Then, the cupcake accord quickly follows it – think of vanilla cupcakes with a hint of chocolate icing. The bakery vibe is a surprising aspect because cupcakes aren’t exactly what we have in mind when thinking of romance, seduction and the like! But if you’re into using baked goods for naughty things, then you may well like Fantasy.

Fortunately, the tartness of the fruit and the sweetness of the cupcake considerably lessens during the dry-down. Here, the fragrance becomes a warm, creamy and musky scent with just the tiniest hints of flowers, vanilla and chocolate. Think of it as the girl transitioning to womanhood, just as the world has watched Britney transitioned from the Mickey Mouse Club to the Circus album.

Fantasy isn’t a complex fragrance but it perhaps isn’t supposed to be. But it has more sophistication, seduction and depth than Curious so it’s a great fragrance. Available in 50 and 100 ml bottles, it comes in a purple box that evokes the sensuousness of the boudoir. We even like the purple bottle with its gems, as loud as it looks.


  • Great fragrance for women 18-30 years old
  • Fun packaging
  • Good longevity and projection


  • Not a complex fragrance
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#7 Katy Perry Killer Queen Eau de Parfum Spray for Women

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Katy Perry may not have burst into the music industry as a young ingénue like Britney Spears but she has definitely made her mark, not just through her music but also through her eponymous products. The Katy Perry Killer Queen Eau de Parfum Spray is one of her more successful products and it shows in its popularity.

Killer Queen, as any music fan will tell you, is also the title of a song by Queen, the legendary rock ‘n roll band with the iconic Freddie Mercury at the helm. Written by Mercury himself, it’s the inspiration behind Perry’s perfume, the third released with her name on it and the first released in cooperation with Coty.

Killer Queen, the perfume, was launched in 2013 and it had been included in numerous lists of the best perfumes for women since then. Created by Laurent Le Guernec, it has top notes of forest fruits, plum and bergamot; heart notes of frangipani, celosia, and jasmine sambac; and base notes of cashmeran, praline, and patchouli.

As with Katy Perry nowadays, Killer Queen is an elegant, stylish and sophisticated fragrance, neither overly flowery nor girly.  While it’s a women’s perfume through and through, it has hints of masculinity in it – the balance of fruity and musky offsets the floral notes. We like to say that it’s a charming, playful and yet gorgeous fragrance that embodies the femme fatale at play and, thus, at her most seductive, possibly.

The floral-oriental fragrance has a tempting opening of dark berries ripening in the forest followed by the lushness of ripe plums. The fruity notes isn’t too overpowering although you know that these are present, as if you were in the middle of a forest with ripening berries and plums. The breeze carries the notes past your nose so these don’t stay too long.

The top notes blend gracefully into the opulence of the floral heart. There’s a certain grace and softness in the combination of frangipani and jasmine sambac, which makes Killer Queen a queen at its heart.

The base notes make for an intoxicating background for the fruity opening and the floral heart. The sensual musk has a warm intimacy that speaks of a queen’s more private moments in the bedroom yet it doesn’t take away from her queenly elegance. The cashmere note is so adorable, too, because it adds a sense of luxury to the scent while also preventing the fragrance from being too overpoweringly sweet.

These words may seem ridiculous to describe a fragrance but keep in mind that perfumes are created to evoke feelings, make memories, and encourage desirable images.

Of course, Killer Queen is a great fragrance for year-round use since it isn’t too heavy to wear during cold and hot days. But it’s most suitable as an autumn fragrance because of its warm patchouli and caramel notes.

The staying power, or longevity, of the fragrance isn’t something that users agree on. Some say that it doesn’t last long, a couple of hours at most. Some say that it lasts nearly all day. The differences in opinion is understandable considering that perfume reacts differently on different persons, thanks to the uniqueness of their chemistry, among other factors.

The red box with its lush upholstery-like design is truly eye-catching. But the red multi-faceted bottle with its teardrop design isn’t practical because it cannot stand up on its own. You can either return it to its box after use or let it roll around on the dresser or drawer.


  • Sophisticated fragrance for stylish women
  • Hints of masculinity
  • Autumn-suitable fragrance


  • Impractical bottle design
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#8 Dot by Marc Jacobs

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The Marc Jacobs brand has become just as famous as its century-old counterparts for good reasons. Marc Jacobs truly has an eye for beauty, whether it’s in clothes, shoes and bags or in perfumes. Dot by Marc Jacobs is yet another proof of the world-famous designer’s eye for beauty – or nose, for that matter.

Dot was introduced in 2012 and created by Annie Buzantian and Ann Gottlieb, the younger version of the hugely successful Daisy released in 2007 and Lola in 2009. In many ways, these three fragrances are considered as part of a family – Lola is the older sister, Daisy is the middle sister, and Dot is the slightly younger sister. All three fragrances share a few characteristics, from images of sunshiny days to upbeat pop music, but each one has its unique character, just as anybody can expect of a family.

This is a floral-fruity fragrance characterized by coconut as the exotic aspect and soft vanilla for its warm embrace. The top notes combine red berries and dragon fruit (pitaya) while the heart notes are the trio of jasmine, orange blossom, and jasmine. The base notes closes with coconut water, driftwood, and vanilla with the subtlety of musk. These notes are evident in every whiff of the fragrance, especially if you wait long enough for the dry-down.

The opening is slightly sweet, loud and sparkly, thanks to the fruit notes. Juicy ripe red berries are the first thing that comes to mind followed by a hint of dragon fruit scent, a combination that may or may not smell like tween-oriented fruit-flavored fragrance.

Fortunately, it only lasts for a few seconds before the fragrance calms down reasonably. Dot is significantly tamer than Lola but it’s also less fresh (and fruitier) than Daisy, thus, its younger sister designation. The top notes gracefully give way to the heart notes, the usual mix of floral scents also found in other perfumes aimed at the youth market.

Pretty jasmines, vibrant honeysuckle, and citrusy orange blossom gives Dot a sweet quality but it isn’t cloyingly sweet. The lushness of the tropical fruits and the sweetness of the flowers has a warm, almost soothing, effect on the senses. Think of summer vacations at the beach or picnics in a meadow or picking ripe oranges with the breeze carrying and taking away the scent so nicely.

The dry-down evokes exotic places without losing the familiarity of the fruits and flowers. There’s coconuts and vanilla, smooth and creamy scents that again spells summer vacation but in a subtle manner.

Dot is a chic and charming fragrance but it isn’t complex and sophisticated, far from it. It’s a likable fragrance with an easy to wear quality, a chirpy and cheerful character, and a fresh scent that young girls under the age of 18 will likely love. But it can also be a great fragrance for older women because of its fun character, especially if you’re looking for a daytime perfume for a summer barbecue party.

Even its bottle is more youthful in design that Daisy’s bottle. Made of red glass, the flacon has large black dots reminiscent of ladybugs although there are two butterfly-like accents on it. The cover is made of translucent petals that form a butterfly and, again, with the red background-black polka dots effect on the cover. It’s as whimsical as you can get on a women’s perfume.

The perfume is available in 30, 50 and 100 ml bottles.


  • Fun, flirty and young fragrance
  • Comes with matching body products
  • Attractive packaging


  • May be too simple for the more mature market
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#9 Shi by Alfred Sung

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Launched in 2000, Shi by Alfred Shung is a truly feminine floral fragrance created with the aim of evoking calmness, tranquility and renewal in a bottle. Its luminous quality comes from the careful choice of its notes – water lily and fig leaves (top notes) for a whiff of pure clarity; orange blossoms and frangipani (heart notes) for inner tranquility; and silver birch and water musk (base notes) for softness against the hardness of modern life.

Even the simple yet sophisticated design of the teardrop-shaped bottle designed by Jerome Dinand adds to the sense of calmness. Bare of the ostentatiousness so often linked with modern life, its simplicity puts the focus on the fragrance, too. It may not quickly stand out among a half dozen or so of perfume bottles on your dresser but it holds its own – less can be more in perfume bottles and the Shi bottle is proof of it.

But we have to say, too, that it’s a shame that its name and brand isn’t printed on the bottle itself. Due to its smallish size, it can also be difficult to hold with sweaty hands or with hands with a fresh application of lotion. These are, nonetheless, minor issues considering that a perfume’s merit should lie largely in its memorable fragrance and Shi definitely delivers on this aspect.

The first whiff is a delicate floral bouquet with subtle hints of water lily or lotus blossoms underlined by fig leaves, a clean and refreshing scent that evokes the feeling of being fresh from the shower. The clean scent isn’t soapy, whether it’s the bath soap or the laundry soap type, a good thing because many perfumes have such less than desirable quality.

The cool aquatic notes that follow the floral bouquet reminds us of spring rainstorms on a meadow, the combination being refreshing that it makes for happy thoughts. Many of its users actually say that it’s their pick-me-upper fragrance when they’re feeling down in the dumps!

The sweetness of the orange blossoms and frangipani, both of which are aromatic flowers, reinforce the feminine quality of Shi. But it’s a subtle kind of sweetness – neither calling attention to itself nor shunning it. When Shi is sprayed on the pulse points, it’s warmed up within several seconds and, thus, its top notes gracefully give way to its heart notes.

Surprisingly, even when these aren’t included in the official list of notes, Shi has hints at peach, melon and lemon, even of rose! This means that it may be a largely floral fragrance but it has the subtlety of a fruity fragrance, too.

Just a few sprays should be enough to enjoy its great floral balance, not to mention that it isn’t a good idea to use perfume like it’s a baby cologne. Again, use it on your pulse points for best results.

We also love it that Shi doesn’t have a strong scent. While it has a fresh and clean quality to it, it isn’t in the antiseptic and astringent way, far from it. You will like it, too, because it doesn’t induce a clogged nose or a headache, unlike many aquatic scents that tend to do so.

Shi is a great daytime perfume for casual dates with your long-time partner, for running errands, and for lounging about with your family and friends. But you may need a more sophisticated fragrance for the office and romantic dates.

There’s also the matter of longevity. Most users say that it doesn’t last long, perhaps just an hour or two after application.


  • Fresh and refreshing scent
  • Suitable wear
  • Feminine scent
  • Reasonable price


  • Short longevity
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#10 Daisy by Marc Jacobs

[amazon box=”B0012RV5UO” template=”vertical”]

When Daisy was launched in 2007, it was a fragrance that March Jacobs asserted was formulated to be happy and youthful, as well as sophisticated without being too serious. It was also, furthermore, more accessible – think price – than the famous fashion house’s signature range. In other words, it was a perfume designed to bring in younger consumers and judging by its enduring popularity nearly 10 years after its release, Alberto Morillas, its creator, was definitely successful.

With its fragrance notes, Daisy’s age target range appears to be 18 to 24 although we have to say, too, that women in their early 30s may also find it a great fragrance for their everyday needs. This is a mellow fragrance that can also be worn for most occasions, from casual dates to running errands, perhaps in a corporate setting during casual Fridays.

The top notes are violet leaf, strawberry, and ruby red grapefruit so it’s as fruity as it can get without being in a farm. The heart notes are decidedly floral – violet petals, gardenia, and jasmine – so the feminine aspect is covered. The base notes balance out the fruity and floral combo with a combination of vanilla, white woods, and musk.

At first spray, the fragrance obviously starts with fruity scents, a great balance between ripe strawberries and tart red grapefruit. It’s neither too sweet nor too heavy, thanks to the tempering effect of greenery from the violet leaves. It lasts for a few seconds, an excellent beginning indeed, before the heart notes come to the fore.

The floral notes at its heart are sheer, nearly luminous, sparkly and well-blended. The fragrance at this stage isn’t too sweet as well, a great thing since too much sweetness in a women’s perfume borders on baby cologne or a tween scent. There’s a certain sense of being in a sunny and breezy meadow in spring when different flowers are in bloom.

The base is clean and pale with a middling warmth. The vanilla pushed through without overpowering the musk and white woods, a balance not too often found in feminine scents. The dry-down is pleasant so Daisy is a perfume that you will want to wear every day, if the occasion merits it.

The fresh, clean and zingy scent with a touch of green lasts wonderfully, too! Even with a few dabs on your pulse points, it will likely last for 3-4 hours although differences in skin chemistry and other factors will affect its longevity.

Daisy is a daytime fragrance, as its name suggests; daisies are at their finest during the day. It’s a likeable scent teenagers will likely love as an everyday fragrance and as casual perfume for young women, such as college students and young professionals. It doesn’t have mature sophistication, passionate romance and sensuousness sprayed all over it but it’s a pleasant scent that will serve you well during the day.

Keep in mind, too, that Daisy may smell like a few other fragrances in the market. Yes, it isn’t terribly original but it isn’t terrible either and for a reasonably priced perfume with a famous brand, it will make a great gift.

Daisy the perfume is available in 200 and 100 ml versions. You can layer it with the bubbly shower gel and velvet body butter, if you want. The velvet body butter has a light shimmer and a fantastic smell, too.


  • Light, fresh and clean scent
  • Reasonable price
  • Attractive packaging


  • Not too original
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#11 Jimmy Choo

[amazon box=”B004LCZEJK” template=”vertical”]

The Jimmy Choo brand is best known for its line of sexy and seductive stilettos that Hollywood A-list celebrities, royalty and nobility, and rich women love wearing. Yes, it’s also the favorite brand of Sarah Jessica Parker’s character in Sex and the City, Carrie, and the shoes are, indeed, to die for!

Such desirability is strongly present in Jimmy Choo, the brand’s signature scent and it comes with a price. In fact, it’s among the most expensive perfumes for women on our list but every spray is worth it. It’s as much a sophisticated fragrance as it’s a playful one, a scent that invokes Aubrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Princes Diana, all sophisticated ladies, at play – and we bet that you’re willing to pay for the image it encourages.

Created by Olivier Polge, the Jimmy Choo signature perfume has top notes of pear and sweet Italian orange, a fruity opening that reminds its wearers of springs and summers in an orchard. The heart note is tiger orchid, a surprising choice in that most perfumes have multiple middle notes; the choice, nonetheless, is a smart one considering that simplicity often results in beauty, whether it’s in the eyes or the nose. The base notes are toffee and Indonesian patchouli, a blend that almost makes us want to lick our skin – almost but not quite.

The result is a glamorous, sensual and seductive perfume with a fruity chypre profile. The warm yet rich blend makes it a great perfume for romantic sunsets, casual days, and vacations at the beach.

The crisp opening is welcome to the nose, a result of the Italian orange note, which fades away almost as soon as it’s inhaled. Then, the sweet pear notes with just a tiny hint of citrus seduces the senses. The balance between fresh, refreshing and juicy in the opening also makes Jimmy Choo a truly feminine perfume. But don’t worry as it isn’t too girly because the dry-down takes on darker, nearly masculine, notes without being over the top.

The heart begins as a rather sweet floral bouquet although it only has tiger orchid as its note. We detect a hint of sweet toffee, a good thing, too since it provides a smooth transition from the heart note to the base notes.

The dry-down typically happens within 30 minutes or so. There’s a darker woody musk tempered by clean patchouli with a pleasurable, if tiny, creamy caramel hit from the toffee note. We have to say that the contrast between the sparkly opening and the darker dry-down adds to Jimmy Choo’s complexity, depth and dimension.

While it’s suitable perfume for year-round use, most users agree that it’s best used during the wintertime – or cool and cold days, for that matter – because of its darker dimension. When paired with a fur coat, whether a real or a fake one, the luxurious effect lifts up the spirits, not to mention elevate an otherwise casual outfit.

We have to point out that Jimmy Choo may smell amazing but it’s a strong scent. If you’re looking for a subtle perfume, then Jimmy Choo isn’t the right choice – it screams “Look at me! I’m beautiful, smart and sophisticated!” in the same way as the Jimmy Choo shoes.


  • Sensuous fragrance with depth suitable for nearly all age ranges
  • Beautiful box and bottle perfect as a gift
  • Great longevity and projection


  • Expensive price
  • May be too strong for some women
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#12 Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture

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Fun, cheeky and yet glamorous – these are the words frequently used in describing the Juicy Couture brand. Such description also applies to Viva La Juicy, a playful perfume aimed at female college students and young professionals. We can even describe it as a flirtatious fragrance that will bring the boys to the yard – once they smell it on you, of course, and they like your confidence when wearing it.

In keeping with its youthful profile, Viva La Juicy has fruity and floral notes combined with delectable base notes. The top notes are mandarin and wild berries while the heart notes are gardenia, jasmine, and honeysuckle. The base notes are amber and sandalwood for the woody aspect as well as vanilla and praline.

Yes, it’s a sweet scent, as many perfumes for teens and young women in their mid-20s are typically formulated, but it isn’t too sweet that only the sweetest girls in the block can tolerate it. The sweetness of its mandarin note is interspersed by the ripeness of wild berries, an interplay that will make you want to take another sniff and another until the dry-down.

At its heart, Viva La Juicy is a floral scent that reminds us of being in a flower farm or a florist’s shop. No single scent dominates but there’s a symphony of scents that encourages most people to stay and enjoy the experience for several more minutes. This is true for the gardenia, jasmine, and honeysuckle notes in that each whiff bring forward the pleasant smell of one flower interspersed with the lovely scent of the others.

From our description, it may sound like Viva La Juicy has a run-of-the-mill fragrance profile, the type that cheaper brands can easily imitate, if not beat. But it isn’t, far from it, because it has its own unique charms, such as its good fruity-floral balance, its appealing berry scent, and its light feel on the skin.

Viva La Juicy is a great perfume for everyday wear, too, whether you’re on a casual blind date, a relaxed time at the beach with your family and friends, and a day for running errands. It smells relatively light, fresh and refreshing no matter the weather although it’s best used during the summer and spring seasons.

Just 3-4 sprays on your pulse points should do the trick. Viva La Juicy has an impressive longevity and projection relative to its notes and cost. Depending on its reaction on your skin, it should last anywhere between 4 and 6 hours, perhaps less during hot summer days (i.e., perspiration can affect perfume’s longevity). You may even agree that it smells better on your skin than it does when sprayed into the air.

While Viva La Juicy is better suited for daytime use, many users also say that it can be worn quite well during the night; les frequent applications may be necessary at night. Juicy Couture also sells body lotion, shower gel, and body crème with the Viva La Juicy fragrance profile so layering is possible.

The adorable packaging is part of its appeal, too. There’s no need to wrap it in tissue paper if you’re planning to give it as a gift, thanks to the attractive box. The bottle is as cheeky as the brand itself so it stands out from the rest of your ladylike perfumes on a dresser.


  • Fresh fruity and floral scent
  • Good staying power
  • Reasonable price


  • May be too youthful for some women
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#13 Obsession by Calvin Klein

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Nowadays, many satisfied users of Obsession by Calvin Klein are younger than the perfume itself! This is a 33-year old fragrance that’s just as popular today as it was when it was first released in 1985, perhaps even more popular. Obsession has, indeed, become an object of obsession among many of its users and we aren’t surprised because it has become a classic.

Keep in mind that Obsession by CK is the female counterpart of Obsession, Calvin Klein’s hugely popular male cologne so there are many similarities between the two.  Both fragrances are described as passionate, powerful and intense, words which evoke the fine line between true love and utter madness. Both are also great fragrances that appeal to a wide range of people, from the young to the youthful at heart, through the years – and it is an “old perfume” by contemporary standards, to boot!

Obsession is a floral oriental fragrance with a blend of spices, flowers, and a warm base – truly, an irresistible fragrance for both the wearer and the people around her! The top notes blend sweet vanillin, citrusy mandarin, and seductive bergamot while the heart notes mix the sweet and spicy with an interplay of delicate jasmine, fragrant orange blossoms, and exotic spices. The base notes linger on your skin and provide a warming effect – amber, oak moss, and musk.

The best perfumes create a fantasy in the mind of its wearer and just a single spray of Obsession can encourage visions of passionate love bordering on obsessive madness. It has such a sexy, seductive and provocative fragrance profile that it’s best worn with confidence, especially if you aren’t used to wearing strong perfumes. It’s also something of a pick-me-upper in the sense that if you’re having a bad hair day, so to speak, you can spray it and feel more attractive; scent is part of the seduction!

We have heard, furthermore, from more than a few people that Obsession smells like the 80s but it can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your preference for the period. We have to say that it’s a good thing because the 80s were the most memorable time in music and fashion, and if a scent can transport us back in time, then it’s a good thing. But Obsession isn’t so 80s that it won’t fit in 2019 and beyond either.

The crisp opening opens the nose with seductive bergamot at its fore while the vanillin and mandarin intersperse the note, thus, resulting in a pleasant interplay of sweet and sexy. This only lasts for a few seconds, a good thing because any longer and the strength of the opening can be overwhelming.

Then, the pleasant floral oriental bouquet soon follows. Every whiff brings to the fore an element of the heart notes so it doesn’t overwhelm the nose, too. We like that the sweetness of the orange blossoms are complemented well by the spiciness of the exotic spices. The warmth of the base notes becomes evident in the dry-down.

Be sure to apply just one spray on your pulse points, if it’s your first time using Obsession. It’s a strong perfume so one too many sprays can be disastrous, scent-wise.  It’s a perfume with considerable staying power, too.


  • Classic and chic scent
  • Long staying power
  • Great value for the money


  • Can be too strong for some women
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#14 Romance by Ralph Lauren

[amazon box=”B000C235XK” template=”vertical”]

We all dream of passionate romance at one point or another in our lives and it’s the reason for the enduring popularity of products designed to foster romantic situations and feelings. No wonder Romance by Ralph Lauren has enduring popularity despite the entry of younger perfumes with even more seductive scents!

Created by Harry Fremont, a legendary perfumer, Romance was launched in 1998 as an evening scent. Evenings are, after all, considered as the best time for passionate romance, in and out of bed! Romance is a relatively light scent so it isn’t as overpowering as it sounds; scent can encourage romance as well as kill it depending on its strength.

In order to evoke feelings of romance, the fragrance has a mainly floral bouquet with just hint of spiciness and a warm base. The top notes make it obvious at the first whiff with a sexy blend of sun goddess rose, marigold and yellow freesia for the floral component, as well as subtle hits from ginger, camomile, and lychee. The interplay of sugar and spice, so to speak, makes Romance a truly feminine perfume.

Then the heart notes come to the fore within several seconds after the top notes have started to fade. There’s something so sexy about violets in the air, a feeling that comes from the combination of lotus flower, violet absolute, and white violet in the heart notes. Men are apparently more attracted to the floral scent on women, thus, most women’s perfumes have floral notes in them.

The dry-down reveals the base of oak moss, patchouli, skin musk, and exotic wood. The warmth of these base note evoke the afterglow of lovemaking and we aren’t surprised if you have the same experience with it, too. The patchouli is a popular base note because it evokes feelings of satisfaction in people while skin musk acts like a pheromone – it attracts people to you.

Keep in mind that as with all things in life, romance is a subjective experience and it’s the same thing with Romance, the Ralph Lauren perfume. While we love it, you may have a similar or different experience with it depending on your personal preferences in perfumes as well as in its reaction with your skin.

You may love it just as we do because of its light scent, as well as its sexy and seductive appeal. You may not like, however, because it’s too sweet and less spicy than you want a romantic perfume to be. Still, you may agree with us that it’s a great scent for a 20-year old perfume, which cannot be said of its now-defunct counterparts.

While Romance is a light perfume than, say, Obsession by Calvin Klein, we don’t recommend spraying it too many times on your skin. Just 1-2 sprays will do even on hot summer days. The fragrance becomes too strong with more than 2 sprays so it doesn’t encourage romance, perhaps it just becomes a turn-off. This is true for all types of perfumes since these are formulated with longer staying power than colognes.

Besides, Romance by Ralph Lauren has an excellent longevity. When properly applied on the pulse points, it can last for 8 hours or so. Romance has moderate sillage and a good projection, too.


  • Great evening scent
  • Good sillage, projection and longevity
  • Attractive bottle


  • May smell synthetic to some people
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#15 J’Adore by Christian Dior

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With Charlize Theron as its celebrity endorser, J’Adore by Christian Dior has captured the market of sexy, sophisticated and smart women around the world. The Hollywood A-list actress is undoubtedly a sexy, sophisticated and smart woman who has considerable achievements that would make many women want to be like her.

J’Adore as a name for a perfume sounds fancy mainly because it’s French but it deserves the name because it’s a fancy perfume, too. Launched in 1999, the sexy yet soft fragrance was created by François Demachy and Calice Asancheyev-Becker. According to Christian Dior’s marketing materials, the notes are ylang-ylang (i.e., a tropical tree with fragrant flowers), jasmine sambac, and damask rose although, based on our experience with it, there are other notes, too.

We picked up subtle hints of orange blossoms, peaches, pale wood, amber, and musk. We can even pick out green jasmine, a great pair for the jasmine sambac, as well as Damascus plums, amarante wood, and orchids. These scents may or may not be picked up by your nose obviously.

What makes J’Adore such an adorable scent that it’s frequently added to lists of the best perfumes, year in and year out? For one thing, it has a crisp and clean, almost sharp but the pleasurable kind, opening that keeps your nose to it until its dry-down. The water orange blossoms, which aren’t listed on the official notes, is akin to the seductive yet sweet scent of lily of the valley.

Then after several seconds, the appealing scent of the ylang-ylang and jasmine sambac with a subtle hint of dry peach rises up, a floral and fruity combo that makes J’Adore a feminine scent through and through. While J’Adore isn’t as juicy and voluptuous as Lancome Tresor, it can give the latter a run for its money with its enjoyable rose-peach combo. The jasmine-ylang ylang combo adds to its appeal although it isn’t as distinct as the rose-peach combo, surprisingly; the latter notes aren’t even included in the official list of notes.

The clean musk makes J’Adore a great fragrance if you’re looking for a perfume that makes you feel fresh and refreshed after a stressful day. As it wears down, it gives off a hint of vanilla and amber that rounds out its clean and crisp feel.

For another thing, J’Adore is a radiant and beautiful perfume so much so that it glowed in more ways than one. It was lush but it wasn’t heavy, light with a chiffon-like depth yet strong enough to last for an entire day, and with a floral bouquet that doesn’t become dowdy. It’s a classic perfume in a classic bottle, a modern fragrance with roots in the 90s, and an approachable scent that makes its wearer seem more mysterious, as contrary as it may sound.

Just be sure to use J’Adore in a proper manner. Spray it on your pulse points only, such as on your wrists, behind your ears, and behind your knees. Keep in mind that it isn’t a cologne that you spray on your body. Otherwise, you will smell like a walking perfume factory and it isn’t as good as it sounds.

J’Adore is available in 30, 50, 100 and 150 ml. It also has several forms like L’Or, Touche de Parfum, and Voile de Parfum.


  • Clean, fresh, and crisp scent suitable for daytime use
  • Good projection and longevity
  • Great packaging


  • May smell generic in some cases
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#16 Burberry Brit for Women by Burberry

[amazon box=”B00DUVM5YU” template=”vertical”]

Along with Jimmy Choo’s signature perfume, Burberry Brit for Women by Burberry is the most expensive fragrance on our list. Burberry, the brand, is just as well-known as Jimmy Choo in the fashion industry and its products are just as expensive so Burberry Brit fits the mold.

Burberry Brit was launched in 2003 so it’s among the youngest perfumes on our list. The simple yet sophisticated bottle is the handiwork of Fabien Baron, and it reflects the design thrust of the brand itself.

The notes are a sensuous mix of oriental scents with the unexpected addition of sugar and spice and everything nice, just as women of style and substance like it. The top notes lean toward the fruity without being too in your face, so to speak, with an awesome blend of icy pear, Italian lime, and crisp green almond. The first whiff of the scent then evokes coolness and calmness with a refreshing hit coming from the Italian lime.

The heart notes are white peony and sugared almonds, a floral bouquet with a touch of sweetness. No modern woman wants to smell too sweet so the sugared almonds scent is subtle, too.

The base notes are amber, mahogany, tonka, and vanilla. The vanilla and tonka beans are sensual notes that complement well with the warmth from the amber and mahogany. All in all, the sensual warmth during the dry-down makes Burberry Brit a great fragrance for day and night use.

The expensive price may cause a few people to reconsider buying Burberry Brit but we suggest that they purchase it, even if it means saving for it. Burberry Brit smells so amazing on most women that it’s a must-have fragrance for a serious collector, especially as it’s a gorgeous fragrance with a perfect combination of fruity, floral and musky.

But keep in mind, too, that it may not react as expected on your skin. In a few cases, it seems to be lacking depth and dimension, as if it’s falling short in the scent department. This doesn’t mean that Burberry Brit isn’t as good as it’s hyped up to be either. It’s just that a specific perfume will react differently to every person so it may smell great on you but blah on your friend.

The freshness and playfulness of the fragrance is another reason for its increasing popularity even in teenagers. The smoothness of transition from the top and heart notes to the base notes also makes it a great fragrance for transitioning from day to night. Burberry Brit is a perfume then that can be used both during the day and night although it doesn’t lend itself well to too-casual occasions.

It’s a very strong perfume with a powdery finish yet it doesn’t feel heavy, overwhelming, and suffocating. It’s a perfume for a mature woman with sophisticated preferences although we have also seen positive reviews from younger women, a few of whom are teens.

Burberry as a brand isn’t known for its casual American look and feel. It’s more of the classic British fashion sense with its check fabrics, luxurious materials, and beautiful models. It explains why Burberry Brit is a sophisticated casual kind of perfume, not the simple, casual and laidback kind.

Burberry Brit is also more suitable for the cool and cold days of the fall and winter seasons.


  • Sophisticated scent with a hint of sexiness
  • Great longevity and projection
  • Floral bouquet


  • Expensive price
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#17 Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

[amazon box=”B00NBK5JHK” template=”vertical”]

Opium doesn’t sound like a good name for a perfume, especially as it’s an illegal drug in most countries. But because of its addictive quality, opium is frequently used as an addendum to product names and as a connotation of the products’ addictive qualities. In a good way, of course, because acquiring a drug addiction isn’t such a great idea.

This is true for Black Opium and its predecessor, the classic perfume called Opium released in 1977. Black Opium was created by several of the best perfumers in the industry, namely, Nathalie Lorson, Marie Salamagne, Olivier Cresp and Honorine Blanc.

According to Yves Saint Laurent, its fragrance profile is “floral coffee”, a combination of sweet floral scents and strong coffee, perhaps espresso. The official list of notes for Black Opium includes coffee obviously, as well as pink pepper, pear, orange blossoms, jasmine, cedar, musk, and vanilla.

The opening is extra sweet, thanks to the orange blossoms and jasmine notes, complemented by the warm and warming scent of coffee and vanilla. Think of breakfast in a garden when the flowers are in bloom, hot coffee on hand, and a smile on your face from the serene setting and you get the idea of Black Opium. The strong coffee smell can be addictive especially if you’re already a coffee addict but it may be a little off for those who prefer floral and fruity scents in their perfumes.

But it doesn’t stay strong for long since the fragrance smoothly transitions into a light floral scent, a soft and subtle fragrance that draws in the senses into a world filled with modern romance. The softness of the jasmine and the sweetness of the pink pepper, pear, and orange blossoms recline so beautifully into the subtleness of the vanilla, cedar and musk. The result is a perfume with a young and youthful feel, a dynamic interpretation of an addiction that every woman will want to try.

Some users say that Black Opium has a hint of gardenia in it although the jasmine dominates it. The jasmine note makes it more like a perfume for evening wear – jasmine, after all, evokes the Arabian nights – but Black Opium is also a great daytime perfume.

On another note, Black Opium and Opium may be part of a family of perfumes made by the same label but they are unique. We daresay that they aren’t even related, scent-wise!

On one hand, Opium has commanding presence with a sophisticated profile that provides sufficient space for its wearer to enjoy the perfect bland of its sweet floral, exotic spice, and resinous depth. On the other hand, Black Opium has a sweet fruity-floral floral with a hint of earthiness that makes it less sophisticated than its predecessor. Both perfumes, however, can be so appealing that you will want to use it nearly every day, for both day and night occasions.

In terms of comparison with other branded perfumes, Black Opium is similar to Coco Noir’s and Black Orchid albeit with different qualities overall. Black Opium has a sweeter fruity scent than Coco Noir’s and an earthier quality than Black Orchid, especially in terms of the truffle hazelnut note.


  • Great floral-fruity blend with the right dose of earthiness
  • Edgy packaging
  • Satisfactory projection and longevity


  • Has other similar scents
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#18 Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana

[amazon box=”B000XE7PV0″ template=”vertical”]

A spritz of Light Blue a day will keep the blues away! Well, if you believe that an apple a day can keep the doctor away, then Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana with its Granny Smith apple scent is a great choice to apply the adage to scents.

Introduced in 2001, the branded perfume has top notes of tart Granny Smith apples, as we previously said, as well as bluebells and Sicilian cedar. The heart notes are dominated by white rose and jasmine, two popular floral notes in women’s perfumes, with a structure coming from the bamboo note. The base notes are strong without being overpowering – amber, cedar wood, and musk.

How can we describe Light Blue? It isn’t a light perfume despite its name although it evokes the lightness of feeling while on a beautiful white sand beach with the turquoise seas in the background. Think summertime beach vacations in Italy and you get the idea.

Light Blue is also a perfume for the confident woman who is comfortable in her own skin and who isn’t afraid to show others her personality. It’s the kind of perfume that speaks of the life of the party without drawing attention to her vibrancy. It’s a perfume that gives a refreshing bursts of apples and oranges, an invigorating mix for any day.

In other words, Light Blue is a heavyweight in the fashion industry! It has a shimmery quality to it that adds just a touch of sophistication to your usual ripped jeans and white shirt attire.

Light Blue also has many layers, a joy to peel back one at a time so that its heart and soul can be enjoyed. The first robust and refreshing whiff comes from the Sicilian citron, an energizing spray to start your day on the right foot. Then, it’s followed by the tart yet sweet scent of ripe Granny Smith apples –airy, crispy, and clear in the sunshine – while the bamboo’s earthiness keeps it grounded, if not delicately so.

The dry-down presents a pleasant blend of cedar wood complemented by the warmth of musk and amber. But the lovely hints of jasmine and white rose, perhaps with a discreet touch of green, comes and goes. The interplay of floral, green, and musk makes Light Blue such a great scent to wear for casual days and nights when a light yet enjoyable perfume is preferred.

Light Blue is also an excellent choice for the fall season, thanks to the green apple, lemon and citron notes. But since it is light on the skin, it can also become your spring and summer scent. The trick here is to use it according to your skin’s reaction and the weather; you may have to spritz more or less, and it’s usually a trial-and-error process if you’re a first-timer user.

We love that a few spritzes of Light Blue can last for 5-6 hours depending on the skin’s reaction to it. This is important because you don’t want to be spraying yourself with too much of the perfume – it can become offensive by then. Light Blue also has moderate sillage and sufficient projection when properly applied.


  • Nice clean, crisp and fresh scent for daytime use
  • Simple yet stylish bottle
  • Reasonable price


  • Used by too many women that it seems like everybody starts to smell alike
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#19 Organza By Givenchy

[amazon box=”B000C1VX5S” template=”vertical”]

Introduced in 1996, Organza by Givenchy is such a seductive and sexy scent that it has become a signature scent for women who aren’t afraid to express themselves in a womanly way, in and out of bed. The fragrance itself was created by Sophie Labbe while its bottle was the handiwork of Serge Mansau. The scent is usually described as vanillic floral but it has strong oriental notes, too; think classic Opium but with a more modern feel.

Upon application, Organza emits a powerful, almost too strong, blast of floral notes. There’s sweet honeyed jasmine blending with supporting notes from gardenia and tuberose, as well as sexy hints of honeysuckle and orange flower, perhaps with a sweet white flower interspersed here and there. The peony and ylang ylang notes can be recognized, too, albeit floating the background so the other floral scents are more noticeable.

But the floral notes gradually subsides and settles until such time that it doesn’t become overpowering anymore, if you find it so at the beginning.  The dry-down reveals the creamy and rich notes of vanilla, nutmeg and the rosewood with the subtlety and dryness of cedar; the use of nutmeg and cedar accentuate the dryness of Organza.

But there’s something just a bit odd about Organza. There’s an orange impression about it, an odd thing because it isn’t in the least bit citrusy! Despite its name, orange blossoms don’t smell like oranges, far from it, so the orangey smell seems to be at odds with the listed notes.

The orangey impression remains nearly throughout the scent until it fades away. The floral heart is, if course, present from the initial application, not to mention that it deepens even as the top notes give way to the heart notes. This is a good thing, too, because the orangey scent in Organza is so creamy you will want to enjoy its juice, figuratively.

Yet another great thing about Organza is that none of its notes really recede or fade completely. Instead, the notes create a symphony of scents so you become aware of them at different times. You will not become bored because there’s something new each time you get a whiff of your own perfume, whether it’s the creamy sweetness of the floral bouquet or the luxurious dryness of the nutmeg and cedar.

Organza may only be 22 years old but it has an old-fashioned feel about it, thanks to its rich, creamy and expansive structure. Keep in mind that it’s a creamy floral more than anything but it also has a sweeter aspect that makes it more modern than expected. But the sweetness, which we suspect mainly comes from vanilla, isn’t cloying because it’s perfectly balanced by the dryness of the nutmeg and the floral bouquet.

While it’s a daytime perfume, we also see it as a good choice for the night albeit only for certain occasions. Organza may not work so well, for example, for romantic dates although it can work well for nights in bed with your partner.


  • Balanced fragrance with creamy, rich and sultry qualities
  • Nice interplay of the scents
  • Reasonable price


  • May not be suitable for formal occasions
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#20 Princess by Vera Wang

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When it was launched in 2006, Princess by Vera Wang was designed for modern princesses, the real ones instead of the Disney princesses. Harry Fremont created it with a blend of floral and fruity notes including water lily, mandarin meringue, lady apple, apricot skin, Tahitian flower, ripe pink guava, and wild tuberose.

There’s also decadent dark chocolate and pink frosting accord because modern princesses are about sweetness, too. The base notes are precious amber, creamy chiffon vanilla, and earthy musk.

The result is a flirtatious perfume with sheer floral notes, a light and laidback fragrance that still evokes images of diamonds fit for a princess. We like to think that if only Diana, Princess of Wales, was alive when it was launched, Princess would have been a great perfume to pair with her now-famous blue jeans and white dress shirt with a bangle of diamonds attire.  Perhaps, the perfume was also inspired by the late princess but we don’t know for sure.

Princess can be worn as a daytime and nighttime perfume for nearly all ages. But younger women will likely love it more because of its light quality. This isn’t a complex and sophisticated perfume, not by a long shot, but it has its own appeal, just as we like to think of modern princesses as possessing charms that mere mortals may not have.

This is a young fragrance, of course, thanks to its simultaneously sweet and flowery profile. In fact, it’s considered as belonging to the oriental-floral family and it’s an apt description.

Dark chocolate, the decadent kind that makes every chocoholic moan from pleasure, is at the heart of Princess. It’s a pleasurable scent that’s evident throughout even during the dry-down. It only takes a single spray for the creamy dark chocolate and swirling flowers to caress the nose, a gourmand feel that foodies can related to.

If we have to use food to describe the fragrance flavor, it’s the smell of iced donuts, chocolate candies, and sugar. Yes, it may be too sweet for some women but for its fans, it’s the kind of fragrance that brings them back to their childhood days when being a princess only took your imagination and a few props. Why then not bring back these memories and feel like a princess again?

Princess may be a light perfume overall but it can also be heavy depending on its application. This is a great choice for the summer and spring season because it’s light enough but it can also be fairly heavy for the winter and fall seasons. Think of it as the kind of perfume that you can spray when you’re in a hurry but you still want to smell like a million dollars, just as modern princesses feel.

Plus, Princess smell like the expensive perfume that it is! You may find other sweet scents similar to it but it has that indefinable smell of being expensive so every spritz is worth it.  We love that it has a satisfactory longevity and projection, too.

In keeping with the princess theme, the bottle features a beautiful golden crown within which is the sprayer. The crown’s peaks are actually upside down hearts with two light purple jewels as accents. The bottle can also stand on its own. The black lettering on it with the words Vera Wang/Princess adds to its visual appeal.


  • Decadent dark chocolate fragrance with floral accents
  • Attractive bottle with princess motif


  • May be too girly for more mature women

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